ING Direct Gift of Stock Promotion with $50 ShareBuilder Gift Card

ING Direct is offering the Gift of Stock this holiday season to give your friends or family an investment package that includes a $50 ShareBuilder gift card.

You can purchase the ING Direct Gift of Stock for $30, and it includes a $50 ShareBuilder gift card as well as free credits and an investment tool, which altogether have a total value of $125 according to ING Direct.

Check out this ING Direct Gift of Stock product gift offer with free shipping for the holiday season.

Gift of Stock Includes:

1. $50 ShareBuilder gift card that is redeemable only into a NEW ShareBuilder Individual, Joint, or Custodial account.

2. 5 Automatic Investment Plan credits.

3. The Motley Fool video series: How to Buy the Right Stocks for Your Portfolio.

There is free shipping for this item to the destination of your choice.

If you’re looking for a legitimate gift package for someone who is new to investing, this could be a great deal.

However, there is also currently a $50 ShareBuilder Account Sign-Up Bonus that anyone can qualify for, so there’s really no reason to spend the $30 if your recipient really doesn’t need the video or automatic investment credits. You can just email them this link instead.

Give somebody the Gift of Stock this holiday season to provide them with a $50 ShareBuilder gift card, free credits, and an investment tool.

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