Lending Club $100 Bonus for New Lenders with $2,500 Investment

Lending Club is currently offering a $100 bonus for new lenders when you are referred by a current Lending Club customer and invest at least $2,500 in your new Lending Club account.

Important Update: This offer has expired. Please view the New Lending Club Lender Bonus to get a cash bonus from Lending Club.

This bonus offer is valid for new investors in Lending Club who make an initial investment of $2,500 or more when you are referred by a current Lending Club customer.

This is a limited-time offer only, and it probably won’t last long.

In order to qualify for this bonus offer and be sure that the $100 promo is still available, you must Request a Lending Club Referral Email from MaximizingMoney@gmail.com, so that we can confirm that the promo is still valid before sending you a referral email.

To receive your $100 bonus, you must open a new Lending Club investor account through the link in the referral email and invest at least $2,500 with your new account.

Specific details about this bonus offer are not provided, but Lending Club usually requires that you actually invest the $2,500 by successfully bidding on new loans, and not that you just deposit that amount into your Lending Club account.

The $100 Lending Club bonus will then be deposited directly into your Lending Club account, at which time you can either withdraw the $100 or invest it in additional loans.

Take advantage of this $100 Lending Club promotional offer to earn a $100 bonus from the Lending Club peer-to-peer lending network.

Review more details on this Lending Club Bonus.

Open a Lending Club peer lending network investment account today to receive a $100 bonus with your new account.

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