Lending Club $50 Bonus on $500 Investment through Lending Club Referral Program

Lending Club is currently offering a $50 bonus when you invest at least $500 as a new Lending Club investor.

Sign up for a new Lending Club investment account through a current customer’s referral to receive a $50 bonus when you make an initial investment of at least $500.

Here’s How to Get Your $50 Lending Club Bonus

1. Request a Lending Club referral email from MaximizingMoney@gmail.com.

2. Sign up through the promo link in the referral email.

3. Make an initial investment of at least $500 (you must actually bid on loans with the $500).

That’s all it takes to get your $50 bonus.

This is a limited time referral promotion from Lending Club, so request your referral email today if you want to qualify for the $50 bonus, because these promotions often don’t last long.

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Request your Lending Club referral today to earn a $50 bonus when you open a new Lending Club investment account and invest $500 in the Lending Club peer lending network.


  1. Sid says

    I have been following your site for some time.
    Can you please forward me the referral email.
    And can you also help me get some more detail on them and advice me how is lending club as a company.
    And, How safe is it to invest with them.


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