Lending Club New Investment Account from $25 to $100 in Cash Bonuses

The Lending Club referral program is providing several new investment account bonuses for $25 to $100 in bonus cash when you invest in Lending Club.

Offer Expired: At this time, Lending Club has informed me that they are not offering cash bonuses to new investors.

The Lending Club referral program allows current investors to refer new investors with special cash promotions.

Current members will not earn a cash reward for referring new members, but new customers can earn a sign-up bonus when you join through a current customer’s referral.

The standard Lending Club Referral Bonus that I personally see available in my account is for $25 when you invest $2,500.

However, by manipulating the last 4 digits of the referral link, you can produce several different offers, which may be available for new account members.

Lending Club New Investment Account Bonuses

Updated 12/18/2013: The referral links have been removed at this time, as Lending Club is not currently offering referral bonuses to investors.

How To Manipulate Referral Links

You can change the promotional terms by altering the last 4 digits of the referral link URL.

If you open any of the above referral links, you can then view the last 4 digits and alter them.

For instance, the last 4 digits for the standard referral offer of $25 are 2001.

Then just change that last digit to a 7, so that you get 2007, and refresh the page to get the $100 bonus offer.

You can play around with these numbers to see which alternative promotional offers you can produce.

It’s likely that Lending Club uses these different offers to provide alternative promotions to various customers.

I know that the $25 offer is standard, and I’ve seen the $100 offer available, but there’s really no certainty that any of the other offers can be actively used at any time.

You may wish to contact Lending Club before applying, and explain that a friend sent you a referral link with the offer that you are interested in, like the $100 offer for instance, and then see if they will confirm that you can qualify and honor the promotion.

Promotional Terms

The promotional account bonus that is earned on your initial investment, if any, will be calculated based on the amount of funds in your account that meet the program criteria 45 days after your account opening date.

To be eligible for this bonus, funds must be newly transferred to your account, continuously maintained in your account following the date of transfer, and invested through the Lending Club platform within 45 days of your account opening date.

Any funds that do not meet these criteria and any funds invested through the secondary market trading platform operated by FolioFN will not be included in calculating your initial investment balance for purposes of this promotion and will not receive a bonus.

Your bonus, if any, will be credited to your Lending Club account within 30 days following the determination of your eligibility for this promotion.

There is a limit of 1 bonus per tax ID number.

Take advantage of these Lending Club new investment account referral bonuses to earn a cash reward.


  1. Nancy G says

    Hi Max,

    I’m an existing Lending Club lending member. Am I eligible for these bonuses or any other current ones? Thanks. Look forward to your reply

  2. says

    Hello Nancy G,

    From my understanding, these bonuses are only for new lending account members, and not for anybody with a current account.

    I don’t know of any bonuses for Lending Club that current members can earn, like for investing a certain amount of funds into your account.

    I really haven’t seen those in the past from Lending Club, unlike Prosper, which will offer a 2% or 3% bonus when you invest with your current account during promotional periods.

    I also don’t think you would be able to qualify by opening a secondary or multiple accounts, but I don’t know for sure, as I haven’t tried to open a second account with Lending Club.

    There is a limit of 1 bonus per Tax ID, so trying to earning multiple bonuses with multiple accounts is definitely out of the question.

    If you find something, please feel free to let us know.

    Thanks, Max

  3. Vik S. says

    Do you know of a referral bonus for investments of less than $2,500? I’ve heard only good things about Lending Club, however I am still a bit hesitant to drop $2,500 into it right off the bat. Thank you.

  4. says

    Hello Vik S.,

    At this time, I don’t know about or have access to any Lending Club referral bonuses with less than a $2,500 minimum.

    However, if you were to take advantage of the $100 bonus, you can try to meet the $2,500 investment requirement with as little risk as possible.

    For example, you could invest as little as possible with each borrower, like $25 each, so that you spread out your risk as much as possible.

    Also, you could only invest in borrowers with the best ratings, so that there is minimal risk of them defaulting on your loan.

    You won’t earn the best interest rates this way, but at least you won’t be taking a big risk.

    Plus, with the $100 bonus, you are at least covered if 1 or 2 borrowers default on their loans.

    I only really lend money to borrowers with the best ratings, and I’ve never actually had a loan default, so you can minimize risk with Lending Club if you are careful.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  5. says

    Wow looks like LC just slashed their bonuses by 75%, any idea why? Or do you know if there are any landing pages out there that will still show the $100-$300 bonus?

    • says

      Hello Harry,

      I receive this message from Lending Club in regards to these bonuses on March 13, 2013.

      “I wanted to reach out and let you know that there is a link on your site for a $25 new investor account opening bonus that is no longer valid (though the link still works). Would you please remove that link from your page(s)? We plan on removing that tiered bonus from our systems (and therefore if people try to access it later we may redirect them to another page).

      As an FYI, we actually no longer offer cash bonuses for new investors outside of the Invite Friend program.”

      So even though it looks like some of the links in the above article are still working, they are probably no longer valid.

      The only guaranteed bonus that I know is working right now is for $100 when you invest at least $2,500, and that’s through their referral program.

      If anybody wants a referral for Lending Club, you can just leave a comment here including the email address where you would like me to send the referral.

      Hope this helps and thanks for the comment. Max

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