Lending Club Referral Program $24 Lender Bonus

The Lending Club referral program is currently offering a $24 sign-up bonus for new Lending Club Lenders when you are referred by a current Lending Club customer, or new Lenders can also get a bonus through the special Lending Club promotional link.

If you are a current Lending Club customer, you can refer your friends and family to Lending Club, and they will earn a $24 referral bonus just for joining.

To refer new customers to Lending Club, simply log in to your Lending Club account and visit the Invite tab to refer new customers via email.

Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending network where you can invest your money into personal loans with qualified borrowers.

There is also a Lending Club Lender Bonus for all new customers.

Once you become a Lender with Lending Club, you will then be able to refer new customers to invest in Lending Club, plus your referred customers will receive a $24 bonus, but this is a limited-time offer, so sign up for Lending Club today.

Check out the Lending Club Peer Lending Network for more details on investing in peer-to-peer loans with Lending Club.

If you would prefer to receive a $24 new Lender bonus, please feel free to email MaximizingMoney@gmail.com, and we will gladly send you an official Lending Club referral email.

Take advantage of the Lending Club investment network to get a high return on your investment with qualified borrowers that you select.

You may also be interested in these additional Investment Service Bonuses for more cash rewards when you invest your money.

Sign up for Lending Club today to get a cash bonus and invest your money for high interest returns.

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