MarketRiders Investment Service $25 Referral Program Credits

The MarketRiders online portfolio management and retirement investing service offers a $25 credit to new users through the MarketRiders referral program.

MarketRiders is a web-based investment management software that helps you create a diversified low-cost retirement portfolio consisting of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that have average annual fees of 0.2%.

You can try MarketRiders free for 30 days, plus new users can get a $25 credit when you sign up through a current customer’s referral.

Check out MarketRiders for more details about this investment service.

MarketRiders Referral Program

I don’t know too much about the MarketRiders referral program, because I don’t personally have a MarketRiders account, but if you are a MarketRiders customer, then please feel free to share your referral link and additional details about the program in the comments below this article.

I will post the referral link of the first person to comment within this article, so that other readers may use your link, but please share more information about this program if you post your link.

From what I learned through MarketRiders customer service, this is a new referral program that will give the referee a $25 bonus if they sign up through a current customer’s referral.

The MarketRiders referral program is located on the main page when you log in to your MarketRiders account.

However, that is all of the information that I have, so I don’t know if the referrer also receives a bonus, or if only the referee receive the $25 bonus.

Sorry for the lack of information, but I’m hoping there is a MarketRiders customer out there who wants to share a referral link and can provide additional details.

Alternatively, if anyone who works for MarketRiders happens to read this, can you please provide more information about this program.


  1. MarketRiders Support says

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for sharing our referral program! To clarify, customers can use our referral program to invite friends and family to try MarketRiders by providing them with a unique URL tied to their account. We issue free 30 day trials to anyone who accepts an invitation and if they decide to sign up, we’ll send them a $25 Visa gift card on behalf of the customer who sent it.

    If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at There are also referral program terms and conditions listed at the bottom of your invitation page.

    If any of your readers would like to try MarketRiders, here is a link for a free 30 day trial and 25% off monthly/annual subscriptions:

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