Motif Investing $100 Account Referral Bonus for Both Parties

Motif Investing offers a $100 referral bonus for both parties when a current customer refers a new customer who opens a Motif Investing account, funds it with at least $1,000, and executes 1 Motif trade.

This offer may be targeted, so not all current Motif Investing customers may have access to this promotion.

If you are a current Motif Investing customer with access to the referral program, please feel free to leave your contact information in the comments below this article to exchange referrals with other readers.

Motif Investing Referral Link for $100 New Customer Bonus

Just use this Motif Investing Referral Link that was provided by a reader to get a $100 bonus when you open a new Motif account, fund it with $1,000, and place 1 motif trade.

How To Earn Motif Investing Referral Bonuses

1. A current customer must refer a new customer via email or Facebook.

2. The new customer must open a new Motif Investing non-retirement account.

3. The account must be funded with at least $1,000 within 10 calendar days of account opening, and the funds must remain in the account for 45 calendar days.

4. At least 1 Motif trade must be executed with the new account.

Motif Investing Account Referral Bonus

Motif Investing Referral Program Details

There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer.

To ensure you receive the offer, each friend must use the link in your Motif invite via email or Facebook to open their accounts.

Once your friend’s first Motif trade is executed, you and your friend will each receive a $100 credit to your Motif Investing non-retirement accounts, within 30 calendar days after the end of the 45-calendar-day period is complete.

You will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate via email if you, as the referrer, don’t have a Motif Investing non-retirement account.

There is also a Motif Investing $150 New Account Bonus available with different requirements.


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