ShareBuilder 11 Free Automatic Investment Credits Promotional Code

ShareBuilder is currently offering 11 free Automatic Investment credits, which are valid through March 31, 2011.

Here’s How To Get Your Bonus ShareBuilder Credits

1. Log in to your ShareBuilder account.

2. Click on the Accounts Tab within your account interface.

3. Click on the Promotions Tab within the Accounts Tab options.

4. Enter the ShareBuilder promo code: 11AIP

You’ll receive a confirmation notice within your ShareBuilder account, and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

They will credit your ShareBuilder account with 11 free Automatic Investment credits.

Your credits will expire on March 31, 2011.

Your credits must be used by the last Tuesday of the month in which they expire.

You can use Automatic Investment credits to buy commission-free stocks through your Automatic Investment Plan.

To take advantage of your Automatic Investment credits, you’ll need to update your Automatic Investment Plan.

To invest with your Automatic Investment Plan, visit the Trade Tab within your ShareBuilder account interface, click on Automatic Investing, and select Edit Status.

You can also get a ShareBuilder New Account Sign-Up Bonus if you don’t have a ShareBuilder account already, and then you can apply the 11 free automatic investment credits to your new account.

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Enter this ShareBuilder promo code to get 11 Automatic Investment credits for free.

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