ShareBuilder IRA or Roth IRA 25 Free Automatic Investment Plan Trade Credits

Open a ShareBuilder IRA or ShareBuilder Roth IRA to get 25 free Automatic Investment Plan trade credits, valid through March 7, 2011.

Just open an IRA at ShareBuilder from ING DIRECT and you’ll get 25 Free Automatic Investment Plan credits, which equals a $100 value.

Open a no-fee IRA with the ShareBuilder promo code AUTOMATIC by March 7, 2011, to get your 25 free Automatic Investment Plan credits.

Open a ShareBuilder IRA or Roth IRA at today.

How Automatic Investing Works

You can select from a list of over 7,000 stocks and ETFs.

You can schedule investments on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can invest any dollar amount on Tuesdays exclusively online.

You can make changes to your investment and funding instructions until up to 5:00 PM ET on the Monday before your purchase.

Real-time trade fees apply to all sales.

ShareBuilder IRA 25 Free Trade Credits Promo Details

Open a new ShareBuilder IRA or Roth IRA using promo code AUTOMATIC by 3/7/2011 to receive 25 Automatic Investment credits.

The trade credits will post to your account immediately and will expire on 6/30/2011.

Trade credits do not apply to mutual funds until the minimum investment has been met.

The value of the trade credits is $100 when you are subscribed to the Basic Pricing Program. The value when subscribed to the Advantage Pricing Program is $25.

This offer applies to Individual Retirement Accounts only.

Take advantage of this ShareBuilder IRA promo offer to get 25 free Automatic Investment Plan trade credits.

You may also be interested in this $50 ShareBuilder Brokerage Account Bonus to get a cash bonus when you open a new ShareBuilder online broker account.

Open your ShareBuilder IRA account today to get free trading credits.


  1. Dave says

    Another Sharebuilder code is 10RTT It will give you 10 free real time trades. Also open a Scottrade account with referral code IXFV9382 and get 3 free trades. Scottrade has alot more to offer. You see after you open an account.. Referral code for Scottrade is IXFV9382 I use both brokers. I like Scottrade more.

  2. says

    Hello Dave,

    Thank you for commenting.

    I tried to use the Sharebuilder promo code 10RTT that you provided and got the following message:

    “The Promotion Code you entered can only be used for new accounts.The Promotion Code you entered is not intended for Individual accounts.”

    The 10 free real time trades would be nice, but I guess it can’t be applied to current accounts like some Sharebuilder codes.

    Thank you again for the information. Max

  3. Dave says

    That is correct… Open an IRA account with Sharebuilder use code 10RTT or Scottrade use the code IXFV9382. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear… Thanks for you website… I got it on my favorites.. Good investing

  4. Dave says

    Max, I just remember another code for Sharebuilder. Try Code: BDAY11 (one free trade around your birthday). You can use it now though..

  5. says

    Hello Dave,

    Thank you for all of your help and information.

    We just posted about some of these ShareBuilder IRA account bonuses in a new article, which you can find through the link in comment #5 above.

    Thank you again and best of luck to you.


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