ShareBuilder Promo Code for 5 Free Real-Time Trades

ShareBuilder is currently offering a special promotional code for 5 free real-time market trades for current ShareBuilder account members.

If you don’t have a ShareBuilder account already, make sure you first apply for the $50 ShareBuilder Sign-Up Bonus when you open your new account.

Then return to your already opened account to enter this ShareBuilder promo code for 5 free trades, which otherwise cost $9.95 per real-time trade.

ShareBuilder Code for 5 Free Trades

You can get 5 free trades if you already have a ShareBuilder account.

Simply log in to your ShareBuilder account and enter the promotional code HVC09NY to get your 5 free trades.

To enter your ShareBuilder promotional code, log in to your account, navigate to the Accounts tab, and then navigate to the Promotions tab, where you can enter your promo code for 5 free trades.

You should receive a confirmation message when your code has been successfully entered.

These ShareBuilder free trades should be valid through July 31, 2010, for a total savings of $49.75 in free real-time trades.

Take advantage of this ShareBuilder promo code to get 5 free real-time trades with your ShareBuilder account.

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Make sure you enter the ShareBuilder promo code today to get 5 free trades from ShareBuilder.


  1. says

    Here is the ShareBuilder confirmation email we received after entering the code for this promotion as well:

    Thank you for participating in our promotion. We have just credited your ShareBuilder Account with 5 free Real-time Trade credits. Your credit(s) will expire on 07/31/2010.

    You can use Real-time Trade credits to buy or sell stocks at the current market price commission-free*. The next time you place a market order(s), your trade credit(s) will be automatically applied.

    To place a market order, log in and visit the Trade tab and choose Real-time Trades.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-747-2537 or by email at

    *Commission-free only applies to the base commission. In addition to the base commission, a large order surcharge of $0.015 for each additional share over 1,000 shares will be incurred. The total commission (base commission + surcharge) is subject to a maximum of 2.5 percent of the principal, but no less than the base commission.

    There is also a special promotion included in the email:

    Invite friends and get up to 10 FREE Real-time Trades

  2. Grant says

    As of 11/10/10, this promo code doesn’t seem to be working on either my taxable or non-taxable (roth) brokerage accounts. Just a heads up.

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