tradeMONSTER Promos – $50 Referrals, 60 Days Free Trades and $250 Transfer Credit

Updated 1/22/2015: Please note that tradeMONSTER has merged with OptionsHouse as of 1/23/2015, and you can now find all of their current promotions on our OptionsHouse page.

tradeMONSTER provides special promotional offers when you open a new tradeMONSTER online broker account.

You can trade commission free for 60 days with your new tradeMONSTER account, get up to $250 in transfer fee credits when you transfer your current brokerage account to tradeMONSTER, and earn a $50 Gift Card to Amazon, iTunes or Fandango when you refer your friends to tradeMONSTER.

tradeMONSTER Referral Program $50 Gift Card Offer

tradeMONSTER offers anyone a $50 Gift Card to, iTunes, or Fandango when you refer a new tradeMONSTER customer.

Plus, newly referred tradeMONSTER customers will receive 30 Days of Commission-Free Trades from tradeMONSTER, so everyone benefits.

You do not need to be a tradeMONSTER customer in order to participate in their referral program, as anybody can register and participate, whether you are current tradeMONSTER customer or not.

Just visit the tradeMONSTER Referral Page to participate today.

You will receive a $50 Tango Card within 6 to 8 weeks for each completed and funded new account referral.

The Tango Card can be redeemed for gift cards from a variety of popular stores including, iTunes, Fandango, and many others.

New customers will receive 30 days of free trading beginning on the date that the account is opened, but new customers can actually get 60 days of free trades if you sign up through the below offer instead.

tradeMONSTER 60 Days Free Trades Promotion

Trade Commission Free for 60 Days at tradeMONSTER when you open a new tradeMONSTER online brokerage account.

This offer is not valid for existing tradeMONSTER accounts.

The 60 days of commission-free trading will begin on the day that your new tradeMONSTER account is opened.

The commission structure will be $0.50 per contract with a $12.50 minimum and $7.50 per stock trade after 30 days has ended.

Execution fees, exchange fees, and other transaction fees may be excluded from the commission-free offer.

Only 1 promotion is allowed per customer.

tradeMONSTER $250 Account Transfer Promotion

Get up to $250 when you Transfer Your Account to tradeMONSTER from another broker.

tradeMONSTER will credit you for the account transfer fees that are charged by another securities broker for up to $250 when you complete a full account transfer for $3,000 or more.

This offer applies to new accounts for first-time funding only.

There is a limit of 1 offer per household.

To receive credit, you must email tradeMONSTER or fax a copy of your statement identifying the charge to 1-312-284-4775.

The credit will be deposited to your account within 30 days of receipt of the evidence of the charge.

For IRA accounts, tradeMONSTER will send you a separate check.

Take advantage of these tradeMONSTER promotional offers to get $250 in brokerage account transfer fees or 60 days of free trades with your new tradeMONSTER account, plus refer your friends for $50 gift card rewards.

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