Wefunder Crowd Investing in Startups $100 Referral Bonus Program

Wefunder offers crowd investing in business startups, so that everyone can invest as little as $100 in your favorite startups.

Wefunder helped pass the JOBS Act in 2012, and once the SEC implements the JOBS Act in the fall of 2014, anyone will be able to invest in startups, even if you are not an accredited investor.

This will open up the pool of investors that are available for startups, and it will give anyone the chance to invest in startups that you believe in, regardless of how wealthy you are.

Plus, the Wefunder referral program offers new members $100 off any fees on your first investment, and current members can get $100 for every 5 friends who sign up for an investor account.

Wefunder is free to join, and anyone can participate in the Wefunder referral program, whether you’ve previously invested or not.

Get $100 Off Wefunder Investment Fees

Just sign up through this Wefunder Referral Link that was provided by a reader to save $100 off any fees on your first investment.

It’s free to join Wefunder, but unless you are an accredited investor, you won’t be able to invest until the JOBS Act is implemented in the fall of 2014.

Wefunder Referral Program

Once you create a free Wefunder account, you can participate in the referral program to earn $100 for every 5 friends that you refer who sign up for an investor account.

You’ll earn $100 when 5 friends sign up for Wefunder.

Plus, your referrals will get $100 off any fees on their first investment, so everybody wins.

You can refer your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email, or by sharing your own unique referral link.

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Sign up for Wefunder to invest in top startups and earn cash rewards for referring your friends.


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    Unfortunately, the SEC has delayed the new law that will allow everyone to invest, regardless of income, until sometime in mid to late 2014. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s legal for you to invest.

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