Amazon Gift Card $5 Bonus for $50 or More with MoneyPak Payment

MoneyPak is offering a $5 bonus when you purchase an Amazon Gift Card for $50 or more with MoneyPak through June 30, 2012.

You’ll get a $5 bonus when you purchase an Gift Card for $50 or more with MoneyPak.

The MoneyPak fee at participating retailers is $4.95 ($4.64 at select locations), so this is really only a way to recoup your MoneyPak fee, and not necessarily a way to earn extra bonus cash.

However, if you already have a MoneyPak card or are able to avoid the MoneyPak fee through another special promotion, then this is a great way to maximize your MoneyPak funds toward an Amazon Gift Card.

Check out this Amazon Gift Card $5 MoneyPak Bonus and additional Amazon Pay With Cash options.

You can purchase a MoneyPak with cash for any amount up to $500 at CVS\pharmacy, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, and Walgreens, or up to $1,000 at Walmart.

Then simply redeem your MoneyPak for an Gift Card claim code at

Your claim code will be provided within your online confirmation and via email for immediate use.

MoneyPak $5 Amazon Gift Card Bonus Details

You’ll receive a $5 bonus credit when you buy an Gift Card with cash using a Green Dot MoneyPak in an amount of $50 or more.

Green Dot will add the $5 bonus credit to your Gift Card balance.

The maximum bonus credit that is allowed is $5 per MoneyPak, which is what prevents you from really churning this offer.

This promotion cannot be combined with other offers.

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Take advantage of this MoneyPak Amazon Gift Card bonus.

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