American Express Serve up to $25 New Account Credit via Isis Wallet

You can get a $15 or $25 bonus credit when you sign up for a new American Express Serve account in the Isis Wallet via the Verizon or AT&T networks through August 28/31, 2014.

This new Serve account promotion is only available for a $25 bonus on Verizon and a $15 bonus on AT&T, so if you have T-Mobile, then you can’t get a bonus when you sign up for Serve via the Isis Wallet.

This offer is also only available to new American Express Serve account members, so if you already have Serve or you previously canceled your Serve account, then you’re out of luck.

The Isis Mobile Wallet only works on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks with select Android smartphones as well as select iPhone models when used with an Isis Ready case, so if you don’t have a qualifying phone, then you can’t get this offer either.

In order to qualify for the $15 Bonus with AT&T or the $25 Bonus with Verizon, you must successfully sign up for an American Express Serve account in the Isis Wallet by August 28, 2014, for AT&T or August 31, 2014, for Verizon.

Additionally, Verizon customers with an American Express Serve account in the Isis Wallet can get $20 cash back after you spend $40 or more on a single purchases with your Serve account by September 30, 2014, and you can view this Verizon $20 Cash Back Offer here for more details.

Plus, anybody with Serve and the Isis Wallet on any network can get a $50 Serve Credit Per Month through December 31, 2014, with $1 back on each purchase of $1 or more.

There is also a $10 Isis Mobile Wallet Referral Bonus available when a current Isis Wallet user refers a new user to the Isis Wallet.

Verizon customers may also be interested in this Verizon Smart Rewards Promotion to receive up to 15,000 bonus points or more when you register for Smart Rewards today.

A special thank you goes out to Dan’s Deals for originally posting about the $25/$15 Serve/Isis Sign-Up Bonus and to Doctor Of Credit for originally posting about the Verizon network $20 cash-back offer, although the above promotion is slightly different than the offer described on Doctor Of Credit, because you can qualify for the above $20 Verizon network credit by making any $40 purchase at any location, and not just on Verizon bill or in-store Verizon purchases.

The $25/$15 new Serve account promotions via the Isis Wallet have been extended in the past, so I suspect that they may be extended again after the end of August, but there is no telling if this offer will expire for good or not.

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