American Express Serve League of Legends up to 13,000 Riot Points

American Express Serve RP+ is offering up to 13,000 Riot Points toward League of Legends game purchases.

Check out this League of Legends Serve Promotion to earn up to 13,000 Riot Points.

Serve RP+ Bonus Points

1. Earn 1,000 RP for signing up.

2. Earn 1,000 RP the first time you load $20 or more.

3. Earn 10,000 RP the first time you use direct deposit to add $20 or more.

4. Earn 1,000 RP for your first 10 card purchases.

5. Earn RP with every eligible purchase.

Riot Points are the currency used in the League of Legends game.

Serve RP+ Promotional Details

Cash withdrawals, cash equivalent purchases, P2P transactions, and Account fees are not eligible to earn Riot Points (RP).

If the first funds loaded onto your account are via Direct Deposit, then you will qualify for both the 1,000 and 10,000 RP.

You will receive 100 RP for each of your first 10 purchases using your American Express Serve Card, after which you will receive 1 RP for each card purchase up to $3.

Increased point thresholds will then apply for each card purchase in $3 increments as follows: up to $3.00: 1 RP; $3.01-$6.00: 2 RP; $6.01-$9.00: 3 RP; $9.01-$12.00: 4 RP; etc.

You must allow up to 30 days after you register, add money, enroll in Direct Deposit, or complete a spend transaction for the RP credits to appear in your League of Legends game account.

If you play League of Legends, then this offer may be a good deal for you, but otherwise, you may be interested in these alternative Serve promotions for cash rewards.

More Serve Offers

Serve $25 Bonus after first purchase.

Serve $50 Bonus with direct deposit.

Try the new Serve RP+ promotion if you are a League of Legends gamer.

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