AMEX Serve and Softcard $50 Per Month Bonus Credit Offer

You can get up to $50 in bonus credits per month when you make contactless payment transactions with your American Express Serve account in Softcard (formerly Isis Mobile Wallet) through December 31, 2014.

You’ll get $1 back on each purchase of $1 or more after you tap to pay with your American Express Serve account in Softcard.

This is an easy way to get up to $50 in bonus credits per month through December 31, 2014, when you make contactless Serve payments via Softcard (transit and parking purchases excluded).

Check out this Serve Softcard $50 Bonus Credit Offer for more details.

Free Softcard App

The Softcard App is free to download.

You’ll need a compatible phone with Near Field Communication and Enhanced SIM card.

Qualifying Isis Payment Locations

You can make a payment at these Qualifying Locations with Softcard.

Promotional Details

You’ll receive a $1 statement credit to your American Express Serve Account for each eligible contactless purchase transaction of $1 or more that appears on your American Express Serve Account statement and is made between March 1, 2014, and December 31, 2014, using your eligible American Express Serve Card in Softcard at locations that accept American Express contactless payments.

There is a limit of $50 in total statement credits per calendar month during the offer period for each eligible card.

If you do not reach the monthly credit limit of $50 in a given calendar month, you will not be eligible for more than $50 in statement credits the following month.

Eligible purchase transactions do not include:

1. Purchase transactions at parking lots, garages and transit providers (e.g., ferries, railroads, subways, trolleys and buses).

2. Purchase transactions using a plastic American Express Serve Card.

3. Attempted purchase transactions using an Eligible Card that are not completed for any reason (including as a result of an inoperable contactless payment terminal).

4. Payment of fees that appear on your American Express Serve Account statement.

Merchants are responsible for submitting transaction information, and if American Express does not receive information from the merchant that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive any statement credit.

Purchase transactions may fall outside of the month in which you made the purchase if there is a delay in the merchant submitting the transaction information.

Certain merchants may combine 2 or more purchase transactions conducted using your Eligible Card in a way that results in a single transaction appearing on your American Express Serve Account statement.

In such cases, you will only receive a single transaction credit of $1.

The statement credit will normally be applied to your American Express Serve Account promptly after your eligible purchase transaction clears, but could take up to 30 days.

The statement credit may be reversed if a qualifying transaction is reversed or cancelled.

You can also get this new Serve Account Bonus if you don’t already have a Serve account.

Participate in the Softcard Referral Program as well to earn extra $10 bonuses when you sign up for Softcard and refer your friends.

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