Binksty Student Loan Management Tool Free Beta Invitation Promo Code is a free online tool that helps you manage your student loans and make better financial decisions.

Binksty is in private beta right now, but they’ve provided an invite code for readers if you would like to register and manage your student loans.

How To Get Your Free Binksty Invite:

1. Visit

2. Click “Get An Invite” to submit your request.

3. Just enter the Binksty Invite Promo Code MAXimizing along with your name and email address when you request your invitation.

4. You will automatically go to the top of the queue and receive an invitation very quickly. is like the for student loans.

They offer a simple dashboard to easily track all of your student loans with various tools and custom-tailored advice available to help you make informed decisions.

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Sign up for a free Binksty beta invitation today to help manage your student loans.

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