Buxfer Online Finance Account Manager $1 Referral Credit

Buxfer is an online money management tool that allows you to access all of your financial accounts in a single location.

Plus, by inviting friends, you can earn a free upgrade to Buxfer’s premium features.

Buxfer allows you to manage various accounts including banking, credit cards, investments, loans, and more.

Buxfer Basic is free to use, and they offer Pro and Plus plans with additional features for between $3.99 and $5.99 per month.

They also provide a referral program that gives you a $1 credit when you refer your friends to Buxfer.

Any referral credits that you earn can then be used toward a free 1-time membership upgrade to the Buxfer Pro and Plus plans.

How the Buxfer Referral Program Works

For every referral that you provide, you will earn a credit of $1.

Your credits can be redeemed for a free 1-time membership upgrade or renewal.

You can refer your friends via email, social networks, or with your own unique referral link.

This referral program is not as good as the Personal Capital $10 Referral Bonus, which offers a $10 bonus to both new and current customers.

However, it’s still a way to get free premium features if you use the Buxfer online financial account management service.

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