HelloWallet Financial Guidance Service Free Trial Offer for User Feedback

The new HelloWallet Financial Guidance Service is currently offering MaximizingMoney.com readers a free trial in order to gain user feedback from new HelloWallet users.

HelloWallet is a new web-based financial guidance service that is independent from banks and seeking feedback from new users.

HelloWallet will be releasing new versions every month, so there is a lot of room to see your suggestions implemented quickly.

To help make it as easy for you as possible, HelloWallet will provide you with a promotional code for a free trial.

It ordinarily costs $4 to 5 a month, since they don’t accept advertising or lead generation fees from banks.

If you think you might be interested in providing some feedback during a free trial, you may request a free trial promotional code from HelloWallet.

Here’s How to Get Your HelloWallet Free Trial

DM HelloWallet on Twitter (@HelloWallet) and mention that MaximizingMoney.com sent you for a free trial offer.

HelloWallet will then provide you with a promotional code for a free trial.

Please follow @MaximizingMoney as well, as we always follow back and provide hot twit tips on free cash offers.

HelloWallet Financial Guidance Service Details

Check out HelloWallet.com for more details on this new financial service and money management tool.

Like most PFMs these days, HelloWallet provides an organizational tool that allows members to view their various financial accounts and activity in one place, a search tool that allows members to find new financial products, and a budgeting tool.

However, the focus of HelloWallet is on money guidance.

HelloWallet has dozens of unique features, but one of the most powerful is the Wallet Grower, which reprioritizes member’s monthly spending to maximize their long-term wealth and identifies gaps in member’s financial plans.

Another unique characteristic is the Prospective Alerts feature, which prospectively identifies savings and financial health threats for members – from tax incentives that they may qualify for, to changes they need to make to the monthly amount dedicated to goals.

A third feature of HelloWallet is their Market Data, which incorporates lots of things, like the tuition for every post-secondary school in the country and prices on over 50,000 financial products (compared to a couple of hundred at most PFMs).

HelloWallet is also independent from banks, which is why they cost a few dollars to use, and they can provide their members with prices on tens of thousands of products.

HelloWallet is just getting started and would be thrilled if you would help them make their service as beneficial to people as possible.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get a HelloWallet free trial by following the above instructions and requesting your coupon code via Twitter.

You may then feel free to provide your feedback directly to HelloWallet via Twitter or by leaving your comments about HelloWallet in our comments section below.

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Get your free trial of the HelloWallet Financial Guidance Service to manage your money online and reduce your expenses.


  1. says

    Just wanted to post an update to this offer, as it looks like HelloWallet is now providing a User Research program instead of their original free trial offer.

    Here’s a Tweet and response from June 18, 2014:

    Question from @InTheKn0w:

    “@hellowallet Are you still offering free trials for people willing to provide feedback? Was instructed to inquire via @MaximizingMoney.”

    Response from @HelloWalletHelp:

    “@InTheKn0w We don’t offer a free trial, but we do have a User Research program, which you can apply for here: http://goo.gl/MlqEf0

    So it looks like you can still get free access if you are willing to help them with their customer research occasionally.

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