LendFriend Monetary Loans between Family and Friends Referral Program Discounts

The LendFriend referral program offers discounts on LendFriend services for legally binding monetary loans between family and friends.

About LendFriend

LendFriend enables customers to lend and borrow among friends and family members in a manageable way by facilitating the loan process.

The basic LendFriend loan management tool is entirely free.

LendFriend maintains an online record of the terms of your loan and its projected repayment schedule for your personal reference.

Additionally, borrowers will receive email reminders when payments are due to loan partners.

If you prefer more financial security, you can also add a legally binding agreement – a Promissory Note – to your loan for a fee.

LendFriend will automatically draft your selected loan terms into this document.

The LendFriend referral program offers discounts off the fees for this service when you refer new customers to LendFriend.

LendFriend Referral Program Details

LendFriend offers a referral program for discounts off their fee-based services.

The LendFriend referral program is pay-per-click.

For each person that visits LendFriend from your referral link, you receive a 5% discount on their products.

You can receive up to a 50% discount off your order if 10 friends click on your link.

You can find more information about the LendFriend referral program on the bottom of their homepage under the products and services section.

LendFriend Referral Example

If you would like to purchase a Promissory Note with a Digital Signature for $49.99, you can reduce the price by 50% (5% discount x 10 friends) and receive legal structure plus convenience for $24.99.

You can email your LendFriend referral link, post it in your blog, share it with your Facebook friends, or tweet it on Twitter.

Take advantage of the LendFriend referral program for discounts on LendFriend loan management services.

Remember, you can also use LendFriend to manage your loan for free, which will help keep your relationships in tact when you lend or borrow money between friends and family.

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Sign up for LendFriend today to borrow or lend money between family and friends.

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