Loanio Peer Lending Network $25 Bonus Offer

Loanio is a peer-to-peer lending network that helps people loan money and borrow money from other people without the hassles of banks or credit card companies.

You’ll get a $25 bonus when you join Loanio as a new lender, and you can receive up to $50 in bonuses for referring new Loanio members.

Sign up through the Loanio $25 Referral Link to get your $25 bonus when you register as a new lender and make your first loan.

Loanio is perfect for borrowers with both poor and perfect credit histories, as it’s much easier to get a peer network loan with a lower interest rate no matter what type of credit history you have.

Loanio is also an ideal investment for wary investors, as you can get a higher return on your investment than standard savings accounts, plus you can control your risk by only lending to borrowers that meet your risk criteria.

The Loanio peer lending network process works similar to ebay, and it is designed to help people lend each other money with less fees than banks and at better rates that benefit both the borrower and lender.

Plus, you’ll get a $25 bonus when you sign up through this Loanio $25 Referral Link, register as a Loanio lender, and make your first loan.

Here’s How Loanio Works:

1. Borrowers place an add for a loan they need at a rate they’re willing to pay.

2. Lenders bid on all or part of the loan at their desired rate of return until the total amount that the borrower is requesting has been met.

3. When the bidding ends, if enough bids have been placed, the loan will be originated, and all winning bidders will contribute to the loan and automatically receive monthly repayments including interest to their Loanio account until the loan is paid off.

Loanio manages the entire loan process for a small fee, including collecting the borrowers monthly payments and redistributing them to the lenders.

Loanio Lenders

In order to become a lender at Loanio, you must verify your identity and connect a bank account to your Loanio account in order to transfer funds into your Loanio account.

There is a $100 initial minimum transfer amount when you connect your bank account to your Loanio account.

Your Loanio deposit account is a fully FDIC-insured account, although it is a non-interest earning account when you are not participating in loans.

Once you are registered as a lender, you can start bidding on loans at your desired interest rate of return.

There is a $50 minimum bid for lenders when bidding on loans.

Loanio makes it easy to review borrowers loan profiles and select loans that best meet your personal investment goals and risk level.

Loanio Borrowers

Loanio is perfect for borrowers with less than perfect credit, as peer lending networks can offer last chance loans to people with a poor credit history.

Loanio is also ideal for borrowers with a good credit history who want to get lower interest rates on their loans than traditional lenders can offer.

To register as a borrow, you must submit some financial data and verify your credit history, although the process is relatively simple.

Once you are a registered borrower, you can create a loan request and set the rate you are willing to pay.

Loanio makes it easy to get peer-to-peer loans at lower costs than traditional lenders like banks and credit card issuers.

Loanio Referral Bonuses

Loanio is currently offering a $25 cash bonus when you sign up for your new Loanio account through this Loanio $25 Referral Link.

You will get a $25 bonus when you sign up through the referral link, register as a lender, and then make your first loan.

In order to register as a lender, you must transfer a minimum of $100 from your bank account, and then you must make your first loan with a minimum of $50 in order to receive your $25 cash bonus.

Once you are a registered lender on Loanio, you can receive a $25 bonus for each new lender you refer and a $50 bonus for each new borrower you refer.

You can invite friends and family through referral emails or post referral links to your website.

However, you must join Loanio through this Loanio $25 Referral Link in order to receive the $25 bonus as a new member.

Loanio is ideal for borrowers and lenders who wish to avoid dealing with traditional lenders like banks and credit card companies, plus you can get a $25 bonus when you join Loanio and receive up to $50 in cash bonuses for each new Loanio member you refer.

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Take advantage of the Loanio person-to-person lending network to get access to hard-to-get loans and earn referral bonuses from Loanio.


  1. says

    Loanio has an interesting model going after the lower credit peopled that banks and other P2P lenders are turning down. There is another subprime peer-to-peer site that will be launching soon. They specialize in peer-to-peer payday loans. There is a huge need to short term financing and there is a need to get traditional payday loan rates lower.

    The company is (payday spelled backwards).

  2. says

    Bidding on a Loan at Loanio

    I bid on my first loan at Loanio today to qualify for the $25 Loanio bonus as a new lender.

    I selected a borrower with an excellent credit history and bid $50 towards a $5,000 loan at a 15% interest rate.

    The bidding process at Loanio is extremely simple, and Loanio provides a wide range of information on the borrower including their full credit history and financial status, plus you can ask the borrower questions if necessary.

    However, because Loanio is a relatively new peer lending service, there are not a lot of borrowers or lenders currently participating, so your loan choices are somewhat limited and some borrowers may have a harder time getting funded.

    There are currently less than 20 borrowers seeking loans on Loanio and many of them have no bids on their loans, so there aren’t enough lenders participating to meet the demand for new loans.

    The loan I bid on is 25% funded at this time, and there are about 5 days left of bidding, so we’ll see if the loan closes and enough bids are placed to reach the full $5,000 loan amount.

    I’ll follow up with the progress of my loan, but please feel free to comment on your own Loanio experiences.

    Thank you and good luck with your peer lending.


  3. says

    Loanio Loan Bid Update:

    Although the loan I bid on as a lender was only 51.5% funded for a total loan amount of $2,628, the loan closed and I am now earning a 15% interest rate on my $50 contribution to this loan, which will hopefully be paid back to me over the next 3 years.

    I’ve also contacted customer service in regards to the $25 cash bonus I should receive for making my first loan on Loanio.

  4. says

    Loanio Enters Quiet Period (11/26/2008)

    This announcement was recently distributed to Loanio members regarding a pause to the Loanio program activities.

    Dear Members:

    Loanio, Inc. has suspended its business activities so that we may begin the process of registering our promissory notes with the appropriate securities authorities. Please be advised that effective immediately, Loanio will no longer be accepting registration from lenders or borrowers or accepting new loan requests until further notice. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this “quiet period” and hope to reopen for business as soon as possible.

    During this period we will not be responding to press, blogs, or other member inquiries specifically related to the suspension of business.

    However, if you have questions related to your account, loans, or any other related issues, you may contact us, as always, by logging into your account and creating a customer support ticket.

    Borrower and Lender FAQ:

    1. What if I am a lender and I have some loans already in my portfolio or I am a borrower and have a loan already?

    Loans that have already been originated will continue to be serviced by Loanio during this period with no interruptions or changes in procedures.

    2. What if I am a lender and I have money in my account?

    You may transfer all available balances by logging into the My Money section of your dashboard and clicking on the icon to “transfer.”

    3. What if I am a lender and I have pending funds being deposited to My Loanio account?

    Once the money becomes available you may transfer it out.

    4. What if I am a borrower and I had a loan request currently listed?

    Your loan request has been canceled and will not be funded at this time.

    Again, we appreciate your understanding and patience during this “quiet period” and hope to reopen for business as soon as possible.


    The Loanio Team

  5. Lamar Ward says

    i am in need of a loan of 20,000 to consolidate all my bills and to have a meager amount to put down on my families first home so we can stop wasting our income on renting someone elses home .If you can help me please email me @

  6. Tiffany says

    Is there currently any loan company out there like Loanio? Prosper and Lending Club don’t work with bad credit. I need help!

  7. Jacklyn says

    Yes i am in need of a loan and i have little to no credit, when i got married i took on my husbands debt and it destroyed my credit, I have poor credit. But i am in need of a loan. Around $500.00 Max-$1,000.00. I am a student at CTU, and awaiting my student loans, I need this loan until i receive my student loans from school. If there is anyone out there who would want to discuss further and see if we could work something out. I am struggling with my health and between health and waiting on a lawsuit to settle i am in need of a small loan to pay for medical expenses or toward my upcoming wedding. Thank you and i look forward to speaking with someone about my situation, Thank you

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