MicroPlace Microlending Network $20 Gift Certificate Bonus

The MicroPlace microlending network is offering a free $20 Gift Certificate for a friend when you purchase a $20 MicroPlace Gift Certificate.

Just purchase a $20 Gift Certificate for any cause on MicroPlace and send it to someone as a present for the holidays.

MicroPlace will then give you a free $20 Gift Certificate to send to someone else.

Take advantage of this MicroPlace Gifts Bonus while supplies last, and there is a limit of 1 bonus gift certificate per customer.

Just provide the name and email of your special gift recipient, and MicroPlace will send them an email announcing that you’ve given them a $20 MicroPlace Gift Certificate.

Your recipient can use this $20 gift to invest in the cause you selected or donate it.

If they choose to invest the $20 gift certificate, they can then get the $20 back with interest when the loan matures.

MicroPlace makes it easy to invest your money with small businesses in poor countries around the world, allowing you and your free gift recipient to help out others through microlending, while also earning interest on your investments.

Take advantage of this MicroPlace free $20 gift certificate promotion to get a free $20 gift with the purchase of a $20 certificate for a friend.

Purchase your $20 MicroPlace gift certificate today to give a free $20 gift certificate from MicroPlace.com for a friend.

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