Pertuity Direct Peer Lending Network Offers Low Rates and High Returns

Pertuity Direct is a peer lending network that offers low interest rates for borrowers and high investment returns for lenders without the hassles of traditional banking.

Pertuity Direct focuses on high-quality borrowers in order to provide competitive interest rates on loans to borrowers and safe investment opportunities for lenders with high returns.

Peer lending is an ideal way to get the funding you need to consolidate debts, pay off high-rate credit cards, buy a car, pay tuition, or get money for any other financial need.

Peer-to-peer lending with Pertuity Direct is perfect for lenders who want to earn great interest rates on secure investments with high-qualified borrowers.

Borrowing Money with Pertuity Direct

If you’ve got good credit, you can get easy access to the cash you need at low interest rates, and your loan is ready to be funded as soon as you are approved.

Unlike other peer lending networks, Pertuity Direct does not have a loan bidding process, so there’s no need to worry about receiving enough bids on your loan, as you will automatically receive funding for your loan once you are approved.

If you are approved for a loan, you will receive your money in just a few days from the lender pool of funds.

Only loan applicants with a FICO credit score of 660 or higher will be considered for loan approval with simple interest loans available from $1,000 to $25,000 at interest rates starting as low as 8.9%.

The online application is simple, and you’ll receive an approval decision and loan pricing in just minutes, plus the money will typically be available in your account in just 2 to 3 days.

Pertuity Direct handles all aspects of the loan application process including your credit bureau review, credit approval, and setting your individual loan interest rate, so your credit information is never made available to the general public.

Pertuity Direct performs a complete review of your credit history and any additional risk factors when determining if you qualify for a loan and what your loan interest rate will be.

There are no fees to create a Pertuity Direct account or to apply for a loan, plus there are no points and no prepayment penalties.

You will only pay fees when your loan is funded, and the fees for Pertuity Direct loans are as follows:

1 to 2% closing fee (depending on credit score).
$15 failed payment fee.
$15 late payment fee (on average, may be slightly lower/higher in some states).
1% Electronic Funds Transfer Discount.

Pertuity Direct makes borrowing money fast and easy with a simple application process and guaranteed access to cash once you are approved for a loan.

Pertuity Bucks Rewards Program from Pertuity Direct

Pertuity Direct borrowers can earn free Pertuity Bucks rewards that can be used to reduce the principal amount of their loan.

Each Pertuity Direct borrower is asked to complete an online profile that shares their story about the reason they are seeking a loan.

When Pertuity Direct lenders open a new lending account, they immediately receive Pertuity Bucks for free.

Lenders can then review the profiles of borrowers in the Pertuity Direct network and reward borrowers with Pertuity Bucks if they like their profile.

The Pertuity Bucks are directly applied towards the borrower’s loan, so if a lender decides to reward a borrower with $25 Pertuity Bucks, that borrower’s loan balance is automatically reduced by $25.

There is no limit on the amount of Pertuity Bucks a borrower can receive, so a borrower could actually pay off their entire loan with the Pertuity Bucks rewards they receive from lenders.

Pertuity Bucks can only be rewarded to borrowers who are in good standing and have made their payments on time.

Pertuity Direct Lending with the National Retail Fund

Pertuity Direct lenders can earn high interest rates on their loans and receive safe investment opportunities with high-qualified borrowers.

As a protective mechanism for lenders, the National Retail Fund was created as a separate entity to invest in the loans that are originated by Pertuity Direct.

The National Retail Fund is a mutual fund that invests in consumer notes representing loans to prime borrowers in the Pertuity Direct peer lending network.

As an investor, you can buy shares in the National Retail Fund and receive the returns on your investment that the consumer notes may deliver.

The National Retail Fund allows you to invest across many consumer notes to reduce your investment risks, and you can get your investment started with as little as $250.

You will have access to withdraw your money on a quarterly basis, so there is no need to wait for individual borrowers to repay their loans, however, there is a 2% fee to redeem your shares and withdraw your money within the first year of your investment.

After the first year, there is no fee to redeem your shares and withdraw your money.

In addition, you have the option of either having your returns paid out direct to you or automatically investing your money back into the fund.

The National Retail Fund handles all aspects of the lending process including borrower credit approvals, risk management, loan servicing, payment collections, and loan processing.

The National Retail Fund charges a low fee on a small percentage of your overall investment, and these fees are automatically distributed during the investment process.

The National Retail Fund is an excellent option to earn high interest rates by investing money in the Pertuity Direct lending fund.

The Pertuity Direct peer lending network provides low interest rates to borrowers and high returns to lenders with minimal fees and less hassles than traditional banking institutions.

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