Remitly Money Transfer Service Bonuses: $30 India, $75 Philippines and Referrals

The Remitly money transfer service is offering a $30 Amazon Gift Card bonus when you send money to India, up to $75 in Amazon or Walmart Gift Cards when you send money to the Philippines, and a Remitly referral program to earn rewards for referring your friends to Remitly.

There are 3 different Remitly promotions available right now for users to take advantage of to earn extra rewards when you send money with Remitly.

Remitly India $30 Amazon Gift Card Bonus

The Remitly India Offer will give you a $30 Amazon Gift Card when you send $500 or more in your first 30 days.

This Gift Card promotion is for new customers who send $500 or more in your first 30 days.

Once your transfers are complete, Remitly will automatically email your Amazon Gift Card to you.

Remitly Philippines up to $75 Amazon or Walmart Gift Card Bonus

The Remitly Philippines Offer provides up to a $75 Amazon Gift Card or Walmart Gift Card when you send money to the Philippines with Remitly.

To be eligible for the promotion, you must sign up as a new Remitly customer and complete qualifying transactions during your first 30 days.

The more that you send during your first 30 days, the more bonus gift cards you will earn.

  • Send a total of $100 – $499 = $25 Amazon or Walmart Gift Card.
  • Send a total of $500 – $749 = $50 Amazon or Walmart Gift Card.
  • Send a total of $750 or more = $75 Amazon or Walmart Gift Card.

The gift cards are sent via email the moment that your qualifying transaction is complete.

A transaction is completed when the money you sent is claimed by your intended recipient or it is successfully deposited into their bank account.

The promotion is valid for new customers only, and is limited to 1 per individual.

If you plan on sending money to the Philippines either way, then this is a good opportunity to get up to an extra $75 in bonus gift cards when you send money to your family or friends.

If you are not satisfied with Remitly’s services, you can take advantage of their 100% money back guarantee to get a full refund on your fees without any questions.

Remitly Referral Program Rewards

The Remitly Referral Program allows you to earn rewards for referring your friends to Remitly.

For every friend that you refer to Remitly who sends money for the first time, you will earn a special Remitly reward.

You can access the Remitly referral page through your online account and share with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, your own personal referral link, and on the Remitly app.

Remitly will automatically send you your Remitly reward when your referral is successful.

Your friend has to sign up and send money with Remitly for the first time before you can earn your reward.

Check out the share page in your Remitly account for more details on the current referral rewards that you will earn.

You may feel free to post your Remitly referral links in the comments below this article.

It’s important to note that Remitly is only available in Select U.S. States at this time, but they are working to add others.

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Send money with Remitly to get a sign-up bonus for new customers as well as referral rewards.


  1. Romeo Tango says

    My 2 cents: I have sent money to India from US with remitly about 6 times since Feb 2015, and every single time, its been excellent service. Their rates are locked in, and target account gets deposited with whatever amount was shown before processing the transaction. Their transfer times are a little slow if you send by Basic service (takes about 3 business days), but if urgency is not an issue for you, it gives much better rates than Xoom. I have observed them to have atleast 30 paise higher rate per USD than what Xoom offers. Besides, the status of the transactions are timely notified to the user. After the first transaction, all other All in all, great service.

    My Referral link, in case you want a 20$ Gift card at sign-up:


  2. Venky says

    Promotion has changed now – you get $10 Amazon gift card each time you send $1000 or more (up to 4 times for a total of $40). Use the link below to sign up.

    I switched to RemitLy a few months back (ever since Ria Money Transfer started charging Fee for Debit Card) and made several transactions. No issues so far. Money does take 3 days to reach the destination account if you send by basic service, but I’m usually okay with it as I’m not in a hurry on most occasions. I tried the express service also once, and got the money delivered with their committed 4 hour time-frame.

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