American Express Serve Account $25 Bonus with $25 Spend

American Express Serve is offering a $25 credit to your new Serve account when you spend $25 or more in 1 transaction by July 31, 2014.

Updated 10/17/2014: This $25 new Serve account bonus is only available as a targeted promotion right now. Review this Serve Referral Bonus Page for more details about this targeted offer.

Just sign up for a new Serve account, activate your Serve card, and spend $25 or more in a single transaction by July 31st to qualify for a $25 bonus.

To receive this $25 credit from Serve, you must:

1. Sign up for a new Serve account.

2. Verify your email address.

3. Activate your Serve Card.

4. Add money to your Serve account.

5. Spend at least $25 in 1 transaction with your Serve card on or before July 31, 2014.

Check out this $25 Serve Account Bonus for more details.

An eligible purchase does not include payment of fees that appear on your American Express Serve Account Statement.

The $25 bonus statement credit will normally be posted to your American Express Serve account promptly after your eligible purchase clears, but it could take up to 30 days.

Subaccount holders are not eligible to earn a credit.

There is a limit of 1 $25 credit per American Express Serve account.

This offer is valid for new customers only.

Your American Express Serve account must be active and in good standing to receive the offer.

It’s important to note that American Express Serve is not a credit card.

Serve Monthly Fee Details and Ways To Avoid Monthly Fee

There is a $1 monthly fee for your Serve account, but there is no fee in NY, TX, and VT.

There is a $0 monthly fee with any direct deposit during your statement period.

There is a $0 monthly fee when you add $500 or more during your statement period.

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Get a $25 credit to your new Serve account when you make a single purchase transaction of $25 or more.


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      Hello cyclops,

      There was a landing page for this offer that showed the $25 bonus previously, so it looks like they have redirected the landing page at this time.

      My guess is that they are not offering this specific bonus anymore, since they’re not displaying it.

      I’ll update this page when a new bonus becomes available.

      Thank you for your comment, Max

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