WU Pay $20 Cash Back Offer on $100 Gift Card Orders

The new Western Union WU Pay service is offering $20 cash back on $100 gift card orders through September 30, 2012.

eBillme was recently acquired by Western Union, and eBillme is now WU Pay.

Take advantage of this WU Pay $20 Bonus Offer for a limited time to help celebrate the new WU Pay service.

Just like eBillme, WU Pay is an online payment option that allows you to shop online or in the WU Pay Gift Card Mall, and you can pay using your online bank or at a Western Union Agent location in the U.S.

WU Pay $20 Cash Back Offer

From now until September 30, 2012, you can earn $20 cash back when you buy a $100 gift card, including Amazon.com, The Gap, Zappos, The Home Depot, and more.

You’ll can also earn $20 cash back from WU Pay on purchases at participating retailers.

First-time WU Pay users can earn $20 cash back on gift card orders or on orders at participating retailers of $100 or more.

You’ll also earn up to 1% cash back on all other WU Pay purchases.

If you have used the eBillme payment service, you do not qualify for this promotion.

To collect your cash back earnings, you must sign up after you’ve paid for your bill.

You must pay for your WU Pay order in full to earn cash back.

You may earn up to a maximum of $20 cash back per order.

You may earn up to maximum of $200 cash back every 12 months.

WU Pay is free to join.

Check out this WePay Payment Service Bonus as well for more free bonus cash.

Get $20 cash back from WU Pay today.


  1. Jimmy says

    This is a huge time waster and rip-off *I would advise you to steer clear of this offer*. I signed up and purchased 3 e-gift cards, as a new member. Each card was for $100. I went to my bank website, set up WU Pay as a payee, paid for these 3 e-gift cards, and received a link to a website that gave me a code that I had to go to yet another website and enter the code and now I had the gift cards, which I printed out. I was expecting $20. for each of the three cards and was informed that only the first one was eligible for the $20. Kinda like if you buy 3 cans of tuna at a store, a new member discount applies to only that first can! WU customer service does not have any way to reach a human, instead, email is the only option. Their customer support is the worst I have ever dealt with, So now I have $22. in “rewards” ($20. for the first e-gift card and $1. for each of the other 2). So I want to redeem. Well, I can only redeem for yet another “coupon” that can be used for online shopping in certain stores. I tried this with K-Mart and the whole process is so confusing that I recommend to just stay away from Western Union. Eventually I will get it figured out. With this being so confusing, and in light of their horrible customer support, I sure wouldn’t trust Western union to send money – because I can’t even get my own money back from them!

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