XIPWIRE Money Service Referral Program Bonuses

The XIPWIRE money exchange service is currently offering referral bonuses that allow XIPWIRE customers to earn $1 for each new referral, plus an extra $40 bonus for every 10 referrals who join XIPWIRE.

You can earn $500 in XIPWIRE referral bonuses if 100 of your friends join XIPWIRE through your referrals.

XIPWIRE is a money exchange service that allows you to send and receive money by text message or online.

You can fund your XIPWIRE account from your bank account, credit card, or debit card.

Check out the XIPWIRE Referral Program Bonuses for more details about referring your friends to XIPWIRE.

You’ll earn $1 for each friend that you refer who signs up for XIPWIRE.

For every 10 referrals who join XIPWIRE, you’ll receive an extra $40 bonus.

That equals a total of $500 in bonus cash if 100 of your friends sign up for XIPWIRE.

Please feel free to leave your information in the comments section below this article if you would like to exchange XIPWIRE referrals.

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Sign up for XIPWIRE today to start earning XIPWIRE referral bonus cash.

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