BabyMint College Savings Program $5 Sign-Up Bonus and $5 Referral Bonuses

The free BabyMint college savings program offers a $5 sign-up bonus to new members and $5 referral bonuses to current members through the BabyMint referral program.

Update (1/23/2013): According to the BabyMint customer service representative that I contacted in regards to their broken online referral form, they are working toward phasing out and closing the referral program at this time, and no enhancements, upgrades, or additions are being made to this program.

BabyMint is a free shopping rewards program that is similar to Upromise, allowing you to earn cash rebates for your purchases from select merchants and service providers.

You may choose to have your rebates sent to you via check, deposited directly into your College Savings Account, or used as a payment toward your student loans.

BabyMint is partnered with hundreds of retailers and service providers that offer rebates on your purchases, including in-store purchases, online purchases, gift certificate purchases, and more.

Take advantage of the BabyMint Referral Program to earn $5 sign-up bonuses for new members and $5 referral bonuses for current BabyMint members.

BabyMint $5 New Member Sign-Up Bonus

You can earn a $5 bonus when you sign up for a free BabyMint account through a current member’s referral email.

You will instantly receive $5 BabyMint Bucks when you join BabyMint through a referral.

If you would like to receive a referral email, please feel free to email to request a BabyMint referral, so that you can earn a $5 sign-up bonus when you join.

Please provide us with your full name and the email address that you will use to open your account, so that we can complete the online form to send you a referral.

You must join BabyMint within 1 month of being referred in order to qualify.

It’s important to note that there is a $25 payment threshold that you must meet before receiving your first check from BabyMint, so even though you will get a $5 sign-up bonus, you must earn $20 more in shopping rebates or referral bonuses before you can receive your first check.

BabyMint Referral Program $5 Bonuses

Current BabyMint members can earn $5 BabyMint Bucks for each new member that you refer to BabyMint.

Your referrals must earn at least $25 in their BabyMint account before you will receive the $5 BabyMint Bucks referral bonus in your account.

You may not refer members of the same household or immediate family.

Please feel free to post your contact information in the comments section below this article in order to exchange BabyMint referrals with other members.


    • says

      Hello Bernadette,

      Last time I contacted BabyMint, they were shutting down their referral program.

      Now I don’t see their website anywhere anymore and the old URL is dead.

      As far as I can tell, they are out of business at this time.

      If anybody has any further information about this, please let us know.

      Thanks, Max

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