Crowdtilt Crowdfunding Service $20 Referral Program Bonuses for Both Parties

Update: $25 New Crowdtilt Member Bonus – New Crowdtilt users can now get a $25 bonus for starting your first campaign.

This $25 bonus is better than the $20 bonus that new members can earn via the referral program, and unfortunately, I do not believe that these bonuses can be combined, as you can only enter 1 promotional code at a time when creating your Crowdtilt account.

Just use promo code blog25 to waive fees and get $25 when your first campaign ends.

You can also use promo code getstarted25 to get $25 added to your first campaign when it ends.

To start your first Crowdtilt campaign, just visit this Campaign Creators Page, verify your Facebook account, and enter the promo code to get started.

Refer Friends to Crowdtilt

The Crowdtilt crowdfunding service offers a $20 bonus to both new and current members via the Crowdtilt referral program.

Just join Crowdtilt for free, and you’ll get a $20 bonus toward your first campaign that raises at least $50 with 3 people or more.

Plus, once you create a free Crowdtilt account, you can get a $20 bonus for each new member that you refer who starts a campaign.

Basically, you can just sign up for Crowdtilt, create a campaign, get 3 “friends” to “donate” $20 each, and you’ll get a $20 bonus on top of that.

A group of 4 friends could all create separate Crowdtilt accounts using each other’s referral links, and then you could all donate to each other’s campaigns, so that you all earn a couple of $20 bonuses (1 bonus for referring a new member and 1 bonus for being referred and starting a campaign).

Alternatively, you can get 3 friends to donate $20 each to your campaign, and then give them $25 back (the original $20 donation plus an extra $5, which is 25% of your $20 referral bonus).

Crowdtilt $20 New Member Bonus

Just sign up through this Crowdtilt $20 Referral Link that was provided by a reader to get a $20 bonus toward your first campaign that raises $50 with 3 people or more.

Tilters with previous campaigns are not eligible for this promotion.

Crowdtilt Referral Program Details

Crowdtilt provides current members with a $20 bonus for each friend that you refer who starts tilting.

You do not have to create a campaign in order to participate in the referral program, as you just have to create a free Crowdtilt account in order to refer your friends and earn the $20 bonuses.

You can refer your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and by sharing your own unique referral link.

Your friends will get $20 to start their first campaign, and you’ll get $20 for each friend who starts tilting.

Crowdtilt Crowdfunding Fees

Setting up a campaign is always free on Crowdtilt, but there are fees that apply if the campaign tilts (i.e., if it’s successful).

So if you take advantage of this offer and get 3 friends to donate at least $50 in total toward your campaign, so that you can earn the $20 referral bonus, you will have to pay fees when your successful campaign ends.

After your successful campaign ends, a 2.5% Crowdtilt fee is charged.

You will get the total amount of money collected, minus the fee.

A successful campaign for $50 would cost you $1.25 in fees, and a $60 campaign would cost you $1.50, so you’ll still earn over $18 with the referral bonus, after fees.

However, it’s important to note that contributors pay for their credit card processing fees as well, which is a standard 2.5%, and it is added to the contribution amount.

The contributors will all be charged a $0.50 fee for $20 contributions, or 2.5% of whatever amount is contributed by each person.

Either way, this is still a good way to earn some extra cash if you start a Crowdtilt campaign via their referral program and exchange donations with your friends.

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Please feel free to exchange Crowdtilt referral links in the comments section below this article or create some friends to start a circle-tilt.

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