DIRECTV Referral Program $100 Bonus Promotion – New Online Link for Referrals Available

DIRECTV is offering a $100 DIRECTV referral bonus to each new customer who orders DIRECTV satellite TV service through a current customer referral.

Plus, current DIRECTV customers will also receive a $100 referral bonus for each new customer they refer to DIRECTV.

Both the referring customer and the referral earn a $100 bonus credit with this DIRECTV referral offer, so it’s a win/win bonus for customers.

The DIRECTV Referral Program is a great way to earn an extra $100 bonus, in addition to any cash rebates or discount offers that are applied to new customer accounts by DIRECTV.

Here’s How to Get Your Referral Bonus If You’re a New Customer

There are 3 options to receive your $100 referral discount as a new customer:

1. You can now sign up through this DIRECTV New Customer Referral Link to save $100 off your new DIRECTV services.

The above referral link will automatically apply a valid current customer’s account number when you sign up for DIRECTV, so that you can earn the $100 bonus discount.

2. You can also order DIRECTV online at or by calling 1-800-507-4045.

You must provide the following DIRECTV current customer account number when ordering your service online or by phone in order to qualify: DIRECTV ACCOUNT # 40157061.

3. You may also request a DIRECTV referral email from to earn your $100 bonus credit.

Simply sign up for your DIRECTV service using a current customer’s account number to receive your $100 referral bonus from DIRECTV.

You must sign up for a 24-month agreement in order to qualify.

How to Refer New Friends to DIRECTV to Earn the $100 Credit

Visit the DIRECTV Referral Program page within your online account to earn a $100 bonus when you refer your friends to DIRECTV services.

The DIRECTV Referral Program now offers additional options for referring your friends.

You can create a unique referral link via the DIRECTV online referral system, which you can then share via your blog or social network accounts.

You can also share your unique referral link via Twitter or Facebook directly through your DIRECTV online account.

Additionally, you can just provide your friends with your DIRECTV account number when they open their new account or send them an official DIRECTV referral email at

You’ll receive $100 for each new DIRECTV customer you refer, and your referrals will also receive a $100 bonus.

The $100 referral bonuses will appear as DIRECTV account credits for both the referrer and the referral.

Check out for more details on this DIRECTV referral bonus offer.

You may also be interested in these Telephone Service Offers if you are signing up for new utilities.

Take advantage of this DIRECTV referral offer to get a $100 bonus credit from DIRECTV.


  1. Laura Freese says

    To Whom It May Concern :
    I tried to get the referral program and the lady that signed me up for service said I was to tell the service man that hooks me up. He said it was to done on the phone with sign up. Well check my taped message of when I called for service I did try to ask about it, but she cut me off. So I now am not able to get this, UNFAIR, punish the service lady not me!!!!!! Thanks Laura

  2. Murali Chintaman says

    call 1-866-951-6581 or 1-877-4-100-Each or 1-800-507-4045

    Direct TV account number is 006671018, Last Name Chintaman, Phone number is 469-252-4740, Zip code 75024

    Save $31 per month for one full year on most packages
    Get 2 FREE upgrades: HD DVR and HD receiver
    FREE professional installation of up to a 4-room DIRECTV® System
    You will save big if you sign up for Direct TV now. Almost close to 30 dollars per month worth of savings plus extra 10$ for 10 months totally for 100$ on top of all of other discounts if you signup for new service.
    Here are the things you will need for referral.

  3. Ron Barnes says

    My step-son referred me to Direct Tv and I understand we both get a $100.00 bonus off of our account at $10.00 for TV Account His name is Dorian Thomas and his Direct TV account #57992115. My name is Ronald Barnes and my Direct TV account #64035272. Hope this meets all of the requirements. If you need any further information, please let me know.

  4. Ron Barnes says

    I understand we both get a $100.00 bonus off our accounts at $10.00 per month for 10 months. His name is Dorian Thomas Direct TV account #57992115 and my name is Ronald Barnes Direct TV account #64035272.

  5. A Moss says

    Save us both $100 on our Directv Bills.$10 off for 10 months. Order online at or call 1-800-507-4045 and give them my account number 083111639 ,the account is under A. Moss. If you call, Be sure and use the 800 # listed here, this is a special 800# for referral discounts. We have been Directv customers for almost three years and LOVE Directv! We appreciate anyone who uses our account.

  6. Joe says

    Add referral account number Use code 58091922 Call in and add this referral account # and receive $100 in credits. Add this code anytime before your system is installed. New accounts only! Updated 3-22-12

  7. Ron says

    Save $100 on NEW service activation with DirecTV! When you mention the account number below, both YOU and I will get $100 credit each on our DirecTV bill. This offer is good ON TOP OF ANY OTHER CURRENT PROMOTION DIRECTV IS OFFERING. They do reserve the right to end this offer at any time, so hurry before it’s too late.
    It is truly a win-win situation!
    Simply call 1-866-262-8293 to order and make sure you say a friend referred you and give them my account 052432615
    DirecTV allows only 10 friend referrals a year per account. I have all 10 available so hurry! The minimal package that qualifies for this offer is Choice package (29.99 per month) or higher.
    My account number is: 052432615
    Give it a try.

  8. Joe Jacob says

    GET FREE NFL Sunday Ticket and MLB Extra Innings for a year with these MORE WAYS TO SAVE –

    Open ANY package and Save an extra $100 for 10 months @directv with this link.


    Call 1-800-507-4045 and use coupon code 38096446 to order ANY package and instantly get $100 OFF your Directv subscription!

  9. Jess says


    Here is my Account Number: 59042952
    Name’s, Jess

    If you’re a new customer with Direct TV, you can call anytime before installation

    Just call this number: 1-800-507-4045
    Or go to their website for the Direct TV Referral and input my acct # there.

    They’re offering $10 a month off of your bill for 10 months and a $100 bonus for me for referring you. Pretty sweet.

    P.S. If they ask you any more questions, just say I’m a friend of a friend. ;)

  10. Carrie says

    Yes I had this same problem with the phone order. They did not credit either account, so I cancelled the order before it was installed. I then placed the order online and things went the way they should have. By ordering online it is goof-up-proof. BTW mine is 40711911 if you would like to use it.

  11. jana neal says

    If anyone needs referral info for Directv new sign up please use my account #82458226. Could really use a credit on bills :)

  12. Hunsinger says

    Get $100 CASH BACK $10 for 10 Months. Use refer a friend program. I’m your new friend. My Account # 40542670 and my last name: Hunsinger
    No just call 1-877-601-8978. Enjoy!! :)

  13. Rory says

    With my referral, you can save an extra $10/month for 10 months on DIRECTV service on top of the savings you get as a new customer.

    Enter my account number: 50482886

  14. SK says

    An exclusive invitation for you… Get $10 Off Every Month
    Refer a friend and when they sign up for DIRECTV®, you’ll both get $10 off your bill for 10 months! LET’S GET STARTED >
    Share the Love With Your Friends. It’s Easy!

    1. SHARE Tell them how DIRECTV is the best in TV entertainment
    2. CALL Have your friends provide your account number (81886110) when they call 877-731-8456 to switch to DIRECTV.
    3. GET You will each get $10 off every month for 10 months.*

  15. IAG says

    Anybody who wants $100 credit on their account when signing up for directv, use the refer a friend program and use my account number 077119991

  16. LK20 says

    Save $10 off your bill for 10 months! Just go to or call 877-731-8456 and enter number 81886110. Thx

  17. Polanco says

    Save $10 off your bill for 10 months! Total of $100OFF

    Just go to or call 877-731-8456

    Account number: 080105381
    Last name: Polanco

    Thank You!

  18. 63574895 says

    I got it for signing up and for refering someone’s account number from here, 63574895 is my acct number and NEW CUSTOMERS use it to get the bonus Thanks

  19. 63574895 says


    Here is my Account Number: 63574895
    Name’s, Brent

    If you’re a new customer with Direct TV, you can call anytime before installation

    Just call this number: 1-800-507-4045
    Or go to their website for the Direct TV Referral and input my acct # there.

    They’re offering $10 a month off of your bill for 10 months and a $100 bonus for me for referring you. Pretty sweet.

    P.S. If they ask you any more questions, just say I’m a friend of a friend.

  20. DirecTV Referral says


    DirecTV is offering a nice deal for new customers worth $10 off your Bill every month for 10 months & I get $10 off my bill for referring you.

    Here’s My Account Number: 59042952.

    You can call this number : 1-800-507-4045, or go to their website.

    Just make sure to call or sign up before installation.

    Oh yea, I’m Jess by the way, the “new” friend. ;)

  21. Michael says

    Save $100 with the DirecTV $100 Referral Program.(Yes, it is prorated $10 a month for ten months.) Right now, when you activate DIRECTV(R) service, with the CHOICE(TM) package or higher, we’ll both get $100 in bill credits, and you’ll get one of DIRECTV’s best offers ever. You can either, order online at or by calling 1-800-507-4045. You must have a valid DIRECTV account number when you place the order.

    Take mine! ID: 082792840

  22. hank says

    With my referral, you can save an extra $10/month for 10 months on DIRECTV service on top of the savings you get as a new customer.

    Enter my account number: 74084722


  23. maria says

    Feel free to use my account number 44729021 (Maria Rojo) to get $100 off your bill when you open a new account (Bill credits are applied as $10.00 credits for ten months).

  24. S.linares says

    Fell free to use my account as a referral to save $10.00 a month


    Account Number:

    Zip: 91343

  25. Angel says

    Save $100 when you sign up for directv. Click or call 1-800-507-4045. Mention account # 58976142, name Carl Martindale. You will get $10 off your bill each month for 10 months

    I would love someone sign up through my link !! really appreciate!!!
    Call 1-800-507-4045
    mention Account No. 68473032
    Last Name : Noel

  26. Monica says

    Use account # 63913646 and name: Monica Paniagua for $10 off for 10 months.
    zip code: 92069
    Thank you, and you’re welcome.

  27. James says

    For $100 off your account ($10 a month) use the following information for your referral credit!

    Last name: Cox
    Account number: 40913558
    Zip code: 29020

  28. Daky says

    DIRECTV Refer a Friend Code 32175101. Just call 1-800-507-4045 in English or 1-800-496-2037 in Spanish and you’ll get $100 in bill credits
    DIRECTV Invite a un Código de Amigo 32175101. Simplemente llame al 1-800-507-4045 en Inglés o 1-800-496-2037 en español y te recibe $ 100 en créditos de factura

  29. Kari says

    Save $100 when you sign up for directv. Click or call 1-800-507-4045. Mention account # 424311786, name Kari Diller. You will get $10 off your bill each month for 10 months

    Call 1-800-507-4045
    mention Account No. 424311786
    Last Name : Diller

  30. Ennio Morabito says

    If you do not already have DirecTV, this is a good opportunity for you to make the switch and below explains why.

    I have a unique online trick which can get you $300+ off your DirecTV bill. See instructions below. These instructions were tested by me and they work.

    This is the unadvertised trick:

    Combine the “Refer a Friend” discount with the Costco deal. Start your DirecTV order through the Costco web link page and you will receive an additional $200 Costco Cash card in the mail after activation of your DirecTV account. This is the current Costco offer. It has never been this high. You do not have to be a Costco member to use this link. The card will get you in the Costco door and DirecTV does not ask for a Costco member number. The additional $300 will be in addition to the normal new customer discounts offered by DirecTV.

    Perform the following steps:
    1) Go to the Costco DirecTV web page:
    2) Click the “Click Here to Learn More” orange box below the $200 offer. Click OK to the third party (DirecTV) hosted site warning. This will take you to a Costco page on the DirecTV website.
    3) Click the orange “View All Packages” button near the bottom of the page. DirecTV will ask for your zip code and (maybe) your County of residence then takes you to the next page.
    4) Select your programming package of choice by clicking orange “Select” button under your chosen option (some upper level packages now have an additional $5 saving),THEN choose the type of receiver per TV (I recommend the Genie and then the Genie minis). When you are finished adding receivers or Genies, the click the orange “Proceed to Cart” button.
    Your Shipping Cart will NOT show the $10 per month for 10 months discount (Referral credit under Discounts) YET. See the next step. You may see other credits based on the Costco or other offers for the current month and service selection. Proceed to step 5, but do not close your current web page or browser.
    5) IMPORTANT! Open a new Tab in your browser (Ctrl+T) and enter the following link in the new Tab:
    6) NOTE NOTE NOTE! Once you enter the account number in this next step, DO NOT hit the back page button in your browser or leave this next page after clicking the Get DIRECTV button. You will not be allowed to re-enter your friend’s account number and proceed to the next page until you have waited an undetermined amount of time in order to use the same account number. If you do get the message anyway, then someone else may have used the same account number just before you and you will just need to wait. I’ve been able to get this to work only after just 5 minutes.
    In about the middle of the page there is a section called “Get your EXTRA $100 in Savings”…”Enter your friend’s DIRECTV account number here”, enter account number 38664316, and click the orange “Get DIRECTV” button. Do not call, they will not stack the discounts if you call then with the number. Trust yourself.
    7) A new updated Shopping Cart will be displayed and you will now see a new “Discounts” line item section which says “Referral Credit for 10 Months”. You will also notice that the monthly cost will be lowered by ten dollars from the original Shopping Cart in the other tab. Make sure that you continue your order from the newest Shopping Cart which will reflect the $10.00 discount in addition to any other discounts.
    8) Click the orange “Check Out” button to complete your order.

    Simple and I thank you for using my account number.

    Ennio Morabito

  31. Randi says

    Please feel free to use my account #62849967 when signing up for Direct tv we will both enjoy $100 off our service. Please make sure you give the account number at the time you place the order or they won’t acknowledge it. So if you call in you must provide at the time you call or if you do it online it must be provided then. They will not allow you to ADD it after the fact. Enjoy!
    Call 1-877-862-3851

  32. Holly says

    This code will work with DIRECTV for Referral Offer or Costco program (see below for directions). #34792113

    Refer-A-Friend Program
    1. Call 1-855-567-1684 or visit
    2. Give them acct.# 34892113
    3. You get $100 in bill credits.


    Costco Program
    1. Go to costco web site and type DIRECTV
    2. Click on Residential
    3. Make the selection of type of package
    4. Go to the bottom of the page in the DIRECTV listings and click on refer a friend and it will bring up a place to put in an account #
    TYPE IN # 34892113 and you will get the $100 discount applied as $10 off per month.

  33. Robert says

    I signed up for directv to help out my Dad. I hit up a site like this and was able to locate an acct # as I didn’t know any current customers. I received the discount as I assume did the anonymous referrer. You just have to follow the correct proceedure and verify the invoice reflects the discount.

    You may use my acct # to get the discount.



  34. Sarah says

    Save an extra $10.00 on your directv bill each month for a total of $100.00 saved! I also will receive the same benefit! As a single mom, any amount saved is a lot! Just have my account number ready and when you call to sign up, tell them you have a referral account number. Thank you and enjoy :)

    Account # 71017632
    Last name- Emerson
    Zip code- 07047

    • tammy says

      Thanks for the acct #. We used it today for our new order and they assured me you would also get the $100 discount. ($10/mo for 10 months)

  35. J says

    I switch over to DirecTV a couple months ago and was able to get $400 cash back with my deal. I received a $200 Costco cash card, $10 off for $10 months (refer a friend) and $100 back through Bank of America Bank Amerideals.

    Here’s what I did:

    – Signed up for DirecTV through the Costco website (no, you do not have to be a member at Costco to get the deal) Here’s the link:

    – Click on the link. It will say it is transferring you to the DirecTV website. Click OK

    – Click on the “View All Packages” button on the page. This will take you to the package options.

    – Select the package you want and the equipment. Once you are looking at your cart, open a new tab with this link:…rogram.jsp


    If you are having a difficult time adding the referral code, you can always call in once the order is placed and let them know you forgot to add your referral code. My friend was able to do this, but had to call a couple times until he found a C.S. rep that would add it.

    If you have Bank of America, you can sign up through their BankAmeriDeals page to received $100 back with a new DirecTV service. I just received confirmation that I received the $100 rebate through BofA. You must pay your bill the first two months using your debit card to received the $100 rebate.

    • says

      Hello J,

      Interesting that you were able to combine the Costco promotion with the refer-a-friend offer.

      The fine print on the Costco promo page specifically says that you can’t combine the Costco offer with the referral offer, so you definitely tricked the system.

      Thanks for sharing. Max

  36. THZ says

    Hi, If you are planning on getting DirecTv, you can get a quick $100 credit by saying you were referred by a friend when you call to sign up.
    My account Number is: 40408655
    Just mention my account number when you call

  37. yohann says

    Direct TV save $100
    Are you signing up for Direct TV?
    If you want to save $100 follow these directions.

    1) call 1-877-752-4153
    2) use Promo Code 431929
    3) Use me as a reference my account # 39662920

  38. Lembo says

    Save $100 on Directv! Savings is $10 off for ten months. This is in addition to new customer pricing! You and I both get the discount. After signing up you can post your own referral online and save even more.

    Call Directv at 855-520-4388 or visit

    Mention that you were referred by
    account number 070206745 Last name is Lembo.

    Directv is currently offing free Genie upgrades, Free Sunday ticket, Free movie channels for three months.

    In this economy, who wouldn’t want to save a little extra! Enjoy!

  39. Monica says

    Feel free to use account # 63913646 and name: Monica Paniagua for $10 off for 10 months. Thank you, and you’re welcome :)

    Here’s the phone number: 1-800-507-4045.

  40. Mark says

    Please use my referral so we can both enjoy $100/each in savings!
    To get this offer use the the following URL:

    Or call 1-800-507-4045 to order direct. It’s important you use the following information:

    Account #: 33349091
    Name: BALLOU

    We both get a $10 bill credit every month for 10 months when you order new DIRECTV service. You save even more money because you also get this deal on top of current new customer offers and savings!


  41. FutureCIARA says

    $100 for BOTH of us. DirecTV provides great TV service, If your thinking about joining….

    Mention my account #: 023410786

    Or call 1-800-507-4045 to order direct.

    We both get a $10 bill credit every month for 10 months when you order new DIRECTV service. You save even more money because you also get this deal on top of current new customer offers and savings!


  42. Monica says

    Use account #63913646 and name: Monica Paniagua for $10 off your DIRECTV bill for 10 months. Just call 1-866-443-8869 and give them the account number listed above. Thank you, and you’re welcome.

  43. Cristian says

    Please use my account number so that we both can take advantage of this deal, and save some money.
    Link to my account referral code;

    Or you can call 1-800-507-4045 to order, and make sure to give them my account number: 64810544

    Tank you so much in advance…

  44. Monica P says

    Call Directv at 1-866-443-8869

    Say you were refered by account #63913646

    Get $100 credit on your bill, $10 off for the next 10 months!

  45. Kristie C. says

    Contact Directv 1-866-443-8869 and mention the friend referral program to receive $100 off your bill ($10 off each bill for 10 months). Please use my account number #026331098. My name is Kristie. Thanks!!

  46. Bryan says

    Hi- Please use me as your directv referrer.

    On top of all the new customer discounts you will get for 1 full year when signing up with DirecTv, both you and I can save an extra $10/month for 10 months on our DIRECTV service!! That’s a savings of $100!! This is a great deal to save some money (and it is easy to do) Take advantage of this offer!

    To sign up and use me as your referrer ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is just click or copy and paste the link below!!

    Then just click on the orange “Get DIRECTV” button and start setting up your package and both you and I will start saving $100.

    Or you can call 1-800-507-4045 to sign up over the phone. Just mention that you were referred to by me and give the customer representative my info which is below.

    My account number is #25096024, last name is KMITCH and zip code is 18706.

    Thanks, from the Kmitch family!!!!!

  47. Yueyang Chen says

    I finally decided to switch to directv after 6 months terrible experience with xifinity TV. Directv has much more HD channels and it is cheaper!! I got referred from a friend account number 15215665 and when I called Directv I gave my friend’s account number and we both get $10 off for each month. Feel free to use this code when ording your new service from Directv. GOod luck everyone!

  48. Julie2479 says

    Quick easy way to save $100 on your DirecTV bill plus Free Genie Upgrade, Free HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime for 3 months, and Sunday NFL Ticket included for no charge. Simply click on my referral link below Or call 1-800-507-4045 to order. use account #57119213 and my name Julie.


  49. Thomas Gray says

    Thank you :-) this worked for me so let’s keep paying it forward

    I don’t usually believe stuff like this either but decided to do a google search on the phone number and then went ahead and ordered Directv and got the visa gift card and also got the free NFL Sunday ticket
    All you have to do is call 1-855-567-1737 –
    Say you heard you get a Visa Reward Card for starting service, which is down to $200 and they will confirm this is available. Then state your friend referred you and he said that you could get more money off your bill. They asked me for the friends full name I have provided my information below, which should definitely work since I just got service at the start of June.
    When they ask about the friend tell them the following:
    My name: Thomas Gray
    Account Number: 10251171
    Location: Branson Missouri

    You definitely get free Genie upgrade, NFL Sunday ticket free and HBO, Cinemax and Stars for 3 months FREE

    Enjoy and let me know how you get on and let’s all keep paying it forward.

  50. Dale says

    Thanks for the info! This worked for me today on my new Direct TV installation. Lets keep this going!!!! Pay it forward!!!

    I received free HD Genie upgrade & 2014 NFL Sunday Ticket. Also for 3 months HBO, Cinemax, Stars. I got a $100.00 Visa Gift Card as well.

    The referral program gives you and me a free $100.00

    Just go to this link or call 1-888-795-9488

    My Info:

    Name: Dale
    Account # 12203250

  51. taren says

    Please help a girl out and save us both $100! Id be very grateful! My Name is Taren Dunaway and my account # is 12416743. Zip 95540

  52. Olga Kudisheva says

    Call (855) 567-1576 and say you were referred by Olga Kudisheva account #014864288. We both get $100 in bill credits.

  53. Michell says

    Hey there if your looking to say $100 on your new Direct TV account say you were referred by me they will ask you for my account number and name, Hope you choose mine I would really appreciate it ! As a college student times are tough. Thanks.

    Account number: 27301077
    Name: Michell Gomez

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