Earn $20 for SupraTelecom Referrals

Supra Telecom is offering their current customers $20 for referring a new customer. If you are a current Supra Telecom customer, all you have to do is have somebody you know who is planning on signing up for the service call 1-888-54-SUPRA, give Supra Telecom your name and phone number, then they must sign up for service and pay their first month’s invoice in full, and you both will receive the $20 within 30 days.

Supra Telecom provides telephone and internet services in South Florida. If you are interested in becoming a Supra Telecom customer yourself and receive a $20 sign up bonus, EMAIL US TO REQUEST THAT WE PROVIDE YOU WITH A VALID NAME AND PHONE NUMBER, so that you can sign up and earn the bonus. Then, you can start referring your friends.

Please visit the Supra Telecom website for more information about their service, but remember that you must call 1-888-54-SUPRA and provide a current customer’s name and phone number to receive the $20.

Just email us to request a Supra Telecom referral at: maximizingmoney@gmail.com

Thanks and enjoy.

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