HeadFunder Crowdfunding Service 10% Referral Fee

The HeadFunder crowdfunding service offers current members a 10% bonus when you refer new members who complete a successful crowdfunding campaign.

HeadFunder is a social crowdfunding platform that allows you to raise funds online for almost anything including projects, causes, and personal campaigns.

Anyone can participate in the HeadFunder referral program just by creating a free account.

If you have any friends that are interested in crowdfunding, then refer them to HeadFunder, and you’ll earn 10% of HeadFunder’s service fee when your referral completes a successful campaign.

Just complete the HeadFunder Referral Form (must be logged in to access), and you can send your friends referral emails.

Once your referral’s successful campaign ends, you will receive 10% of HeadFunder’s service fee for that successful campaign.

Once you have accumulated $75 in referral fees, you can request to be paid out via PayPal.

HeadFunder fees are 2% for Fixed Pricing (funds are collected only if goal is hit) and 4% for Flexible Pricing (funds are collected no matter what).

So if your referral completes a successful campaign to raise $1,000, and they pay the 4% fee for Flexible Pricing, which would be $40, you’ll receive 10% of that fee, which would equal $4.

Unfortunately, there is no incentive given to new campaigners to join HeadFunder via your referral, but if you have some friends that are interested in starting crowdfunding campaigns, then this is an easy way to earn some referral rewards.

If you want to earn a bonus for starting a crowdfunding campaign, then check out Crowdtilt’s Referral Program that offers a $20 bonus toward your first campaign.

If you’d like to receive a referral email for HeadFunder, please feel free to request one from me at MaximizingMoney@gmail.com.

You won’t get any special bonus for joining through my referral, but I would appreciate you helping me out, and I may even contribute something to your campaign as a thank you.

Check out HeadFunder for a low-cost crowdfunding option, plus participate in their referral program to earn extra rewards.

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