Hulu Plus Referral Program 2 Free Weeks for New and Current Members

The Hulu Plus referral program offers both current subscribers and new customers 2 free weeks of Hulu Plus.

The regular free trial period for new Hulu Plus customers is 1 week, but new Hulu Plus customers can get 2 free weeks when you sign up through a current customer’s referral.

Plus, current Hulu Plus subscribers will receive 2 free weeks for up to a whole year when you refer new Hulu Plus customers.

2-Week Free Hulu Plus Trial

New customers can sign up through this Hulu Plus Referral Link to get 2 free weeks of Hulu Plus, instead of the normal 1-week trial.

This offer is only available to new subscribers.

Hulu Plus Referral Program Details

Current subscribers can access the Hulu Plus referral program by clicking on the “Referrals” tab on your Hulu profile page.

For every friend that you refer to Hulu Plus, Hulu Plus will give you 2 weeks of service for free.

You must have an active Hulu Plus account in order to participate.

You can earn up to 52 weeks free per year for your referrals, and you will receive credit for up to 26 referrals within any rolling 12-month period.

Credits appear when new subscribers successfully complete the registration process using your referral link and pay for their first month of service.

Credits will be applied on your next billing cycle.

This offer cannot be combined with other promotions, including any other free trial offers.

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Participate in the Hulu Plus referral program to get 2 free weeks of Hulu Plus, and please feel free to post your referral links in the comments section below this article (we’ll replace the current referral link in this article with the referral link from the first person to post it in the comments).


  1. says

    Here’s some more info about the referral program directly from Hulu Plus customer support that came as a response when I asked them if it is still available, which it is as of August 23, 2013:

    “Hi Max!

    Thanks for the message! We certainly do still have the referral program going, and here’s how it works! When you refer a friend, they’ll get a two-week free trial, and you’ll receive two weeks’ credit for having referred them. That credit is applied to your account automatically after your friend’s two-week trial becomes a paid subscription, so you won’t see it reflected right away. You can earn up to 52 free weeks of Hulu Plus per year this way.

    I hope this helps.

    Hulu Support”

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