Keurig Home Brewer Referral Program 2 Free Boxes Keurig Brewed Beverages

The referral program offers both parties 2 free boxes of Keurig Brewed beverages when a current member refers a new customer to purchase a Keurig Brewer.

If you are planning on purchasing a new Keurig Brewer directly from, then you can get 2 free boxes of Keurig Brewed beverages when you make your purchase through a current member’s referral.

Plus, anybody can participate in the Keurig referral program, regardless of whether you have purchased a Keurig Home Brewer in the past.

Get 2 Free Boxes of Brewed Beverages for New Customers

If you want to get 2 free boxes of Keurig Brewed beverages with your Keurig Brewer purchase from, then you simply need to make your purchase through a current member’s referral email.

Please feel free to email to request a referral email, and I will be happy to send one to you.

If you click through the link in the referral email and purchase a Keurig Brewer directly from, we will both be issued coupons for 2 free boxes of Keurig Brewed beverages.

You must not have created an account on prior to participating in this referral offer.

Keurig Referral Coupons

The coupon is good for 2 Free Boxes of K-Cup (22, 24, 25 count) OR Vue Packs (12, 16 count) OR Rivo Packs (18 count).

To receive this special offer, the referee must create an account and place a Brewer order on, using the email address they were referred by.

Once the Keurig Brewer has been shipped, coupons will be emailed to both parties.

There is a limit of 50 friends referred by 1 referrer each calendar year.

The coupon is for 1-time use only and valid on purchases at

Participate in the Keurig Referral Program

Anyone can participate in the Keurig Referral Program whether you are a current customer or not.

You simply need to create a account in order to participate.

Club Keurig and Brewer Registration Offer

Once you create an account, you will also have access to the Club Keurig program that allows you to earn points toward more free stuff and get special savings.

If you purchase a Keurig Home Brewer, you can also get a free K-Cup, Vue, or Rivo pack offer when you register your brewer and activate your warranty.

Share Keurig Referrals

Please note that I do not own a Keurig Home Brewer myself, although I have used them during hotel stays, and they are extremely convenient and their beverages are delicious.

However, I signed up for a account, so that I could provide referrals to anybody that wishes to receive one.

If you have a account and would like to refer new customers, please feel free to post your contact information in the comments section below this article.

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Participate in the Keurig referral program to get free beverage packs for your brewer.

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