Kiwi Crate Special Referral Program Gift for Kids in December

Kiwi Crate is offering a special gift with your December subscription when you refer 5 or more people by December 10, 2012.

Kiwi Crate provides kids with monthly art projects and scientific experiments via mail when you sign up for membership.

If you are a current Kiwi Crate member, just refer 5 or more of your friends by December 10th, and your child will receive a very special gift with their December crate.

You can also get a $10 Kiwi Crate Discount if you are a new Kiwi Crate customer.

Then, once you sign up for membership, you can earn a $10 credit for each new Kiwi Crate member that you refer.

Plus, all of your friends will receive a $10 discount through the Kiwi Crate Referral Program, so everybody wins.

Kiwi Crate really makes a great gift for the holidays for younger kids, so it’s a good time to take advantage of these discounts.

Refer 5 or more of your friends to Kiwi Crate by December 10th to get a special gift with your December subscription.

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