Obopay Mobile Payment Service $5 Referral Bonus Promotion

The Obopay mobile payment service is offering current customers a $5 referral bonus for each new customer your refer to Obopay.

Obopay is a mobile device payment service that lets you send and receive money from any mobile phone in the U.S.

You can instantly get, send, and spend money with your mobile phone from anywhere, at any time, and with anyone, plus you’ll receive a $5 referral bonus from Obopay for each new customer you refer.

It’s free to sign up for Obopay, free to download Obopay to your mobile phone, and free to access your account information.

There is no charge to receive money, and sending money costs 25 cents for $10 or less or 50 cents for sending over $10.

Adding money to your Obopay account from your bank account is free, and withdrawing money from Obopay to your bank account is free as well.

Check out more details on the Obopay Referral Program to get a $5 bonus for each new customer you refer to Obopay.

How to Earn Referral Bonuses from Obopay

To receive the $5 referral bonus, you can send your friends invitations via email to sign up for Obopay.

For each friend who accepts your email invitation and signs up, Obopay will deposit a $5 Thank You Bonus into your Obopay account.

Unfortunately, your new referrals do not receive a bonus, but you could offer to split the referral bonus with your friends and send them $2.50 via Obopay once you have received your $5 bonus.

It will cost you 25 cents to send them the money, so you’ll only get $2.25 overall (after sending them the $2.50 in addition to the $0.25 fee), but that way everybody wins, so you’ll be more likely to find friends who are willing to sign up.

If anybody has an Obopay account and would like to offer such an exchange for splitting referral bonuses, please feel free to leave your email contact information in the comments section below, so that potential new referrals can contact you to request a referral email.

Take advantage of this $5 Obopay referral program bonus to earn cash bonuses for referring new members to Obopay.

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Sign up for Obopay today to earn free referral cash when you refer new customers to Obopay mobile payment services.


  1. Jaamel Mangum says

    How would I refer someone with no ID# or referral link? I need to now how to do this and where does the person who signs up enter the referrals information so I can receive credit for the sign up. Thankyou

  2. says

    Hello Jaamel,

    You can send Obopay referrals via email through your Obopay account, and then your referrals just need to follow the instructions in the referral email and sign up for Obopay for you to receive credit for your referral bonus.

    Hope this helps, Max

  3. David Meyers says

    I was wondering if there is still this requirement by Obopay?

    For each friend who accepts your invitation and signs up and sends money using Obopay, we will instantly deposit a $5 referral bonus in your Obopay account.

    Do invites have to send money in order to complete the process for you to receive the $5 referral bonus?

    If so, how much?

    If they send $2.25 to their inviter, and add the cost of .25 cents to send it, they would be out of $2.50. (momentarily ) — But when their inviter sends their money back to them, and he sends $2.50,add in the cost of .25 cents to send it,that becomes a total of $2.75. So, if the inviter wants to split ( share ) his/her referral bonus, they could actually give their invitee $1 on top of their $2.50 expense reimbursed back to them, and keep $3.50 of their referral bonus.

    In summary, the invitee would have earned $1 from the deal @ no cost to them; plus gained a way to duplicate this process and be earning $3.50 per transaction.

    If you`re still doing Obopay, here is my email address: davidmeyers.onestep@gmail.com


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