Plastic Jungle Refer a Friend Program for $5 Bonuses with Plastic Jungle Gift Card Discounts

The new Plastic Jungle Refer a Friend program offers current members a $5 bonus when you refer new members to get Plastic Jungle gift card discounts.

Plastic Jungle allows you to sell store gift cards that you don’t need and buy gift cards at discounted prices.

You can save up to 35% off the gift card value when you purchase gift cards from brand-name stores like The Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, Kohl’s, and many others.

You can also sell your unneeded gift cards for up to 92% of the gift card value to convert your merchant gift cards into cash.

Plus, you can refer your friends to Plastic Jungle to earn $5 referral bonuses

For every friend that you refer who takes advantage of Plastic Jungle’s gift card discounts, you’ll receive a $5 bonus.

You can share your Plastic Jungle Referrals via email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and your own unique referral link.

Take advantage of the new Plastic Jungle referral program to earn $5 bonuses.

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Get gift card discounts for brand-name stores or sell your gift cards for cash with Plastic Jungle.

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