Refer Any Company’s Product for 50% of Sale through JELLYFISH

JELLYFISH is a brand name shopping network that is offering any of their members the chance to refer a new customer and receive 50% of all commissions earned from that customer for one year.

It works like this: you sign up at JELLYFISH in just seconds, then you refer a friend to their shopping network, which offers them the chance to receive 10% cash back on any purchase they make through their network of brand name merchants and stores, and you then get 50% of whatever commission JELLYFISH makes.

So, say a product costs $1,000 and JELLYFISH gets a $200 commission.

The person you referred would get $100 (10% of $1,000).

Then, you would get 50% of the remaining $100 in commissions JELLYFISH earned (JELLYFISH earned $200 minus $100 they paid to the person you referred), which is $50.

It is set up really nicely and is very simple to sign up for everything, so check out JELLYFISH.

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