Burgerville Card Rewards Program up to 10% Cash Back and $5 Free Birthday Cash

The Burgerville Card Rewards Program offers up to 10% cash back on your purchases at Burgerville restaurants, plus you’ll get $5 in free cash to spend during your birthday month.

Burgerville has 38 restaurants in Washington and Oregon as well as the roaming Burgerville Nomad restaurant on wheels.

It’s free to get your Burgerville Card at any Burgerville restaurant and earn up to 10% cash rewards with every Burgerville purchase.

Plus, you’ll receive a special $5 birthday cash reward toward a Burgerville purchase during your birthday month.

Register for the Burgerville Card Rewards Program to access exclusive promotions throughout the year.

Earn up to 10% Cash Back at Burgerville Restaurants

You will earn 5% of your total purchases before tax every time you use your Burgerville Card at a Burgerville restaurant.

You just need to register your card to receive double rewards for 10% cash back on Burgerville purchases as well as other special exclusive offers.

Rewards cash is actual cash value added back to your card, like gift card dollars, and this money can be used to purchase anything at Burgerville at any time.

If your card is not active for 7 months, your earned rewards cash will expire.

Rewards are not earned on alcohol sales and sales tax.

$5 Burgerville Birthday Bonus

To help you celebrate your birthday, Burgerville will add $5 to your card to use during your birthday month.

Your $5 birthday reward is applied on the first day of the month that your birthday is in, and it expires on the last day of the month.

If you register during your birthday month, you will receive your birthday reward the following month, and it will expire at the end of that month.

You must register your Burgerville Card and provide the date of your birthday when you register in order to receive your $5 bonus.

Participate in the Burgerville Card Rewards Program to earn up to 10% cash back on restaurant purchases and get a $5 birthday bonus.

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Register your Burgerville Card today for special offers and exclusive savings at Burgerville restaurants.


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