DIRECTV WHOPPER LUST Promotion for Free Burger King WHOPPER Sandwiches

DIRECTV is currently running the WHOPPER LUST promotion that offers free Burger King WHOPPER sandwiches to DIRECTV customers that tune to channel 111, valid through June 20, 2011.

Just tune your DIRECTV receiver to channel 111 to participate in the WHOPPER LUST promotion for a chance to get up to 3 free WHOPPER sandwiches from Burger King.

Here’s How To Get Your Free DIRECTV WHOPPERS

1. Tune your DIRECTV to channel 111.

2. Click on the Start Lusting button.

3. Stare at the WHOPPER sandwich for as long as possible.

You’ll receive 1 free WHOPPER for 5 minutes of lusting, 2 free WHOPPERS for 10 minutes, and 3 free WHOPPERS for 15 minutes.

You must have your phone line connected to your DIRECTV receiver in order to participate, and your phone must be able to dial out for it to work.

You can lust as many times as you want for up to the 3 WHOPPERS, but once you click redeem, you can no longer participate further.

There is a limit of 3 coupons per DIRECTV subscriber account.

The coupons will be mailed to the DIRECTV account address within 2 to 4 weeks after participation.

Take advantage of this DIRECTV WHOPPER LUST promotional offer to get free WHOPPER sandwiches from Burger King restaurants.

If you don’t have DIRECTV, you can get a $100 DIRECTV Discount Referral Bonus when you sign up for DIRECTV satellite TV services.

Get your free WHOPPERS with DIRECTV WHOPPER LUST today.


  1. Gloria Moon says

    I think it is a shame to have been a directv customber for many years and since I do not have a connected telephone line I can not get in on offers like the Burger king wopper sandwich. You know I am a customber so I should have the rights with or without the connectedline

  2. Carlos Fulford says

    I have a landline and still didnt get my woppers. I won all three and they said my woppers would be mailed to the address on my direct tv account. You guys suck.

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