Savored Online Reservation Site Offers up to 40% Off More Than 1,000 Restaurants

Savored allows you to make free online reservations and save up to 40% off your bill at more than 1,000 restaurants across the U.S.

Just find a restaurant on Savored, reserve your table online for free, and save up to 40% off all of your food and drink purchases for your entire party.

Savored is absolutely free to use and create an account today to pay lower prices at great restaurants.

The restaurant savings that you receive are completely uncapped and percentage-based savings off your bill.

Plus, your savings will include all of your alcohol purchases (except in Boston).

You’ll receive 40% off your bill’s food total in Boston and 30% off both food and drinks everywhere else.

Savored was just acquired by Groupon, so they will probably be expanding to new cities and offering additional special savings at restaurants in the future.

Savored also offers a customer referral program, which has provided extra cash bonuses in the past, but it looks like there is no bonus being offered at the moment.

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Sign up for Savored to make free online reservations and enjoy special savings at popular restaurants near you.

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