Starbucks Scooped Coffee Class Action Settlement – No Receipts Required

Check out this Starbucks Scooped Coffee class action lawsuit settlement to get up to a $10 credit with no receipts required.

What’s the Settlement About?

The lawsuit claims that Starbucks did not disclose to customers who purchased scooped coffee beans in amounts less than one pound that the price for these purchases was higher per pound than the price charged for purchases of one pound of coffee beans.

Who Can Qualify?

If you purchased less than one pound of Starbucks scooped coffee beans (i.e., not prepackaged) between December 9, 2007, and November 7, 2011, from any company-owned Starbucks store in the United States, then you may qualify for a credit.

This settlement excludes half-pound purchases during January to March 2008 of types of coffee that had half-pound prices posted on menu boards during that time.

How To Get Compensation or File Claim

If you made this purchase with your My Starbucks Rewards Card, then you do not need to submit a claim, and you will receive at least a $5 credit to your card.

If you didn’t pay with a My Starbucks Rewards Card, then you must Submit an Online Claim Form by 11:59 P.M. (PST) on December 24, 2013.

If you provide a receipt for your purchase, then you will receive the greater of $5 or the difference in what you paid with the alleged up-charge as compared to what you would have paid without the up-charge.

If you don’t provide a receipt for your purchase, then you will receive the lesser of $10 or the up-charge difference.

If you don’t have a receipt, you must provide a sworn declaration that you purchased Starbucks scooped coffee during the given time period.

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