TrialPay Offer for $5 Gift Card to Spend $5 at Denny’s Restaurants

TrialPay is offering a $5 Gift Card when you spend $5 or more at Denny’s restaurants through August 30, 2013.

You must register your credit or debit card with TrialPay, and then use your registered card at Denny’s in order to qualify for the $5 Amazon Gift Card.

Just visit this TrialPay Denny’s Offer to add this offer to an eligible credit or debit card.

Then you must make a qualifying purchase of $5 or more before taxes and tip at Denny’s using the same card.

You must make your Denny’s purchase by August 30, 2013.

Learn more about earning TrialPay Promotions for various deals.

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Get a $5 Amazon Gift Card for spending $5 or more at Denny’s today.


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