Womply Referral Program for Womply Local Merchant Deal Site in Washington DC

Womply is a local deal site in the Washington DC area that offers cash rewards when you visit local restaurants and entertainment events.

Plus, you can participate in the Womply referral program to earn extra cash credits for referring new members.

If you live on Capitol Hill, sign up for the Womply deal site to get special savings around Washington DC.

How Womply Works

Womply’s Loyalty Cloud works by providing you with automatic cash back credits directly on your credit or debit cards when you visit participating merchants.

You will need to link your credit or debit cards in order to participate.

Once your cards are linked, you just need to visit participating merchants and pay with your linked card.

You must visit the participating merchants 3 times in order to receive your bonus credit.

For example: Spend at least $25 3 times at the 901 Restaurant & Bar, and you will receive a $25 cash back credit, plus you’ll get $10 back if you spend $10 on your birthday.

There are a ton of participating merchants in the DC area.

Most of the participating merchants have a pretty decent spending to reward ratio, so it’s definitely a good way to save some extra money if you regularly visit your favorite bars or restaurants.

Womply Referral Program Details

Womply allows you to use a special referral link to invite friends to Womply and earn additional cash rewards credits.

You can also refer your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

When enough of your friends join and link a card, you’ll get a credit for the referrals.

Womply Referral Credit Levels

  • Wallaby level – 3 friends linked: $5 in credit.
  • Kangaroo level – 10 friends linked: $20 more in credit.
  • Honey Badger level – 25 friends linked: $30 more in credit.
  • Wombat level – 50 friends linked: Special legendary gift.

To redeem your credit, simply make a purchase at any Womply merchant with your linked card.

You’ll receive $1 back for every $1 that you spend up to the amount of your credit.

The Womply referral program offers some pretty nice rewards credits if you have a large enough social network.

Your referrals only need to open a Womply account and link a card in order for you to qualify, so they don’t actually have to make a purchase for you to receive the credit.

Unfortunately, the people that you refer do not receive an added incentive to sign up through your referral link.

Womply Parties

Multiple people could qualify for Womply credits when visiting restaurants and bars together by simply paying for your bills separately on each of your linked cards, just as long as you each meet the minimum spending requirement.

So go crazy, refer your friends, and have a Womply night out, or go on a Womply date and split the bill.

If you’re having trouble finding willing participants, please feel free to exchange your referral information in the comments section below this article.

Take advantage of Womply if you live in the Washington DC area.

You can also check out the Restaurant.com Daily Deal Site for more national restaurant discount offers.

Sign up for Womply discounts on Capitol Hill and refer your friends to earn extra bonus credits.


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