Amazon Payments Deals Offer Shopping Discounts When You Checkout with Amazon

Amazon Payments is a new service from that allows you to Checkout with Amazon when you shop online at popular stores, send payments to your friends and family, and more.

Plus, you can take advantage of Amazon Payments Deals for special savings and promotional discounts when you use Checkout with Amazon to pay for your purchases at participating online retailers.

Sign up for Amazon Payments to send and receive money from your friends and family and to use the payment and shipping information in your account to shop across the web.

Then check out these Amazon Payments Deals to get special discount offers at a variety of stores when you use Checkout with Amazon to pay for your purchases.

Take advantage of Amazon Payments and Checkout with Amazon to get promotional savings on your online purchases.

Review these Shopping Discount Codes for even more online store savings.

Get your Amazon Payments Deals today for extra discounts at a variety of online retailers when you pay for your purchase using Checkout with Amazon.

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