American Express Card Members Get $10 Back on $50 in Mall Gift Cards Across U.S.A.

American Express card members can get a $10 statement credit when you purchase $50 in Mall Gift Cards from participating shopping malls across the U.S.A., valid through September 3, 2012.

First, you must locate Participating Malls near you for this offer.

Once you find your local mall, visit the American Express Sync Site to find the correct mall promo in the rotating banners and load this offer to your card via Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare.

Then, you can use your eligible American Express card to purchase $50 in gift cards to get $10 back

This offer is available at Macerich Shopping Centers, Preit Malls, Premium Outlets, and Simon Malls.

There are individual enrollment parameters for each mall brand, so you may be able to multiply this bonus offer at different brands of malls.

Just purchase $50 worth of gift cards from your favorite mall to receive $10 back on your statement credit.

You can then use the $50 in gift cards to make purchases at any of your mall’s stores.

Sign up for an American Express Card Account if you don’t already have one, because they offer a variety of these types of deals on a regular basis.

Get a $10 statement credit when you purchase $50 in gift cards from your local shopping mall.

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