American Express Gift Cards 2.25% Cash Rebate at TopCashBack

The TopCashBack cash rebate website is now offering 2.25% cash back on American Express Gift Card purchases through

With a 2.25% rebate, you could actually earn money just for purchasing American Express Gift Cards through, even when you take the purchase fees and shipping charges into consideration.

Plus, purchasing AMEX Gift Cards is a great way to meet your Credit Card Bonus minimum spending requirements to maximize your rewards earnings and earn new applicant promotions.

Here’s How This Deal Can Earn You Money

Simply make your purchase through this TopCashBack American Express Gift Card Page to earn 2.25% cash back on your American Express Gift Card purchases from

Please note that you must be a registered member of TopCashBack to earn rebates, so join TopCashBack for free before making your Gift Card purchase through their link.

You can order up to $5,000 in AMEX Gift Cards per 14 days for non-business customers, which equals $112.50 in cash back rebate earnings from

There is a $3.95 purchase charge per Gift Card and $8.95 UPS 2nd Day Air shipping charges per order on orders of $200 or more in Gift Cards.

So as long as your cash back earnings are higher than the purchase fees and shipping charges, you will be earning money.

Plus, you can use your rewards credit card for your purchase to meet your minimum spending threshold or just to earn extra points or miles.

Gift Cards are available in denomination of $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, $700, $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000.

You’ll have to order at least a $700 Gift Card denomination to make this worth while, since the 2.25% cash back earnings on $700 would be $15.75, and the total purchase fees and shipping charges would be $12.90 ($3.95 purchase fee + $8.95 shipping charge).

However, that would only net you $2.85 in earnings, so it would hardly be worth it just for the cash back earnings, although that could still be a nice chunk out of your credit card minimum spending requirements.

Example #1 – Earn $54.60

To maximize your earnings, you could purchase 1 AMEX Gift Card denomination of $3,000, which would give you $67.50 in cash back earnings from

Subtrack the $12.90 in purchase and shipping charges from $45, and you’ll get $54.60 in net earnings.

If you don’t want to spend $3,000, then the $2,000 Gift Card would net you $32.10 and the $1,000 Gift Card would net you $9.60.

Example #2 – Earn $95.65

You could also max out your $5,000 maximum order allowance by purchasing 2 Gift Cards, although you would then have to pay 2 separate $3.95 purchase fees (1 per card).

Still, this would provide you with the highest overall net earnings.

By purchase 1 $3,000 Gift Card denomination and 1 $2,000 Gift Card denomination, you would earn a total of $112.50 cash back from

There would be a total of $16.85 in purchase and shipping fees ($3.95 + $3.95 + $8.95).

However, you would still net a total of $95.65 for your order.

TopCashBack Limits on Purchasing American Express Gift Cards

TopCashBack allows you a $5,000 limit on Consumer Gift Cards and a $75,000 limit on Business Gift Cards per 14 days.

This 2.25% TopCashBack offer is available on both Consumer Gift Cards and Business Gift Cards, and the Business Gift Cards can be purchased for up to $75,000 per order, so you could really Maximize Your Rewards Credit Cards with Business Gift Cards.

However, it’s important to note that you cannot use American Express Gift Card Coupon Codes that are not directly provided by TopCashback when making your order through, or they will nullify your eligibility to earn cash back.

If the promo code is not sourced directly by TopCashBack, then it is not compatible with earning cash back on American Express Gift Cards.

TopCashBack is free to join, and you just have to click through their link to the American Express Gift Card website in order to earn the 2.25% cash rebates.

Plus, you can participate in the TopCashBack Referral Program once you become a member to earn special bonus rewards for referring your friends (please note that I use my referral link in this article).

What To Do With American Express Gift Cards

A Gift Card may be used at merchants and retailers in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands that accept the American Express Card.

The Gift Card cannot be used for ATM cash withdrawals or for recurring billing charges (such as monthly utilities or subscriptions).

The Gift Card has no fees after purchase (including dormancy, service, or other fees).

The funds on the Gift Card do not expire.

Even if the “valid thru” date associated with a Gift Card has passed, its Available Balance remains unchanged and intact, and in order to keep making purchases with your Available Balance after a Gift Card’s “valid thru” date has passed, you can simply call 1-877-297-4438 for a free replacement Gift Card.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to turn your American Express Gift Card directly back into cash, or you could churn this offer for massive earnings.

For the most part, it looks like you will simply be stuck spending your Gift Card wherever American Express is accepted, so that may limit how much money you would wish to tie up in an American Express Gift Card.

Take advantage of 2.25% Rebates on American Express Gift Cards from TopCashBack to get free cash and maximize your credit card earnings.

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