Bill Me Later Shopping Discounts and Interest-Free Financing

Bill Me Later is a secure payment method designed for making purchases over the phone or on websites, and many brand name merchants now offer discounts, promotional offers and interest-free financing when you make your purchases through Bill Me Later on their websites.

The Bill Me Later payment method offers a different option than using credit cards or PayPal, with the same level of security including features such as zero fraud liability protection.

Bill Me Later is similar to a credit card account in that you make purchases on your Bill Me Later account, and then you have the choice of either paying off your bill in full or carrying a balance and making minimum payments.

However, instead of being extended a preset line of credit, your transactions are approved on an individual basis (based on your credit qualifications), and you can only make online and phone purchases, which you perform by providing your account information.

The best thing about Bill Me Later is that it provides you with access to discount prices and promotional offers that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to receive.

Bill Me Later is available on a wide range of brand name merchant sites including Walmart,,,,, Sports Authority, Toys r Us, Apple Store and as well as many other Bill Me Later Merchants, and these merchants regularly offer discount prices, free shipping and other promotional offers when you pay with your Bill Me Later account.

Many merchants also offer interest-free financing through Bill Me Later, such as no payments for 6 months with no interest, which is a great option to finance your purchases with no additional charges.

Opening a Bill Me Later account is absolutely free, and there are no annual or monthly fees. All you have to do is shop on a merchant website that offers Bill Me Later and choose the Bill Me Later option during checkout. You will be prompted to open an account, and they pride themselves on making the sign-up process easy, so you just need to provide some basic information to open your account and make your first purchase.

Then, you can register your Bill Me Later account online and make payments to your account through a checking or savings account. You can also pay with a check or money order by mail if you prefer.

It is important to understand that if you decide to carry a balance on your Bill Me Later account, you will be charged interest on your balance and the current interest rate is 19.99%. This could cost you a lot of money in interest charges, so it is not a good idea to carry a balance on your account.

However, if you take advantage of the interest-free financing offered by many merchants, you will not have to pay any interest on your purchases for up to 6 months or more. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of discount prices and other promotional offers.

Bill Me Later is an excellent way to save money at many different merchants, and it can also provide you with another way to make purchases online if you’ve had trouble getting a credit card or don’t want to pay interest on your current credit card, as Bill Me Later allows you to finance your purchases without paying interest.

Thanks and enjoy maximizing money.

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