BJ’s 60-Day Free Membership Trial Offer through July 14, 2013

BJ’s is offering a 60-day free membership trial when you register by July 14, 2013.

Pre-register for your free 60-day membership today, and then take 2 months to shop and compare for free with no membership fees.

Sign up for this BJ’s Free Trial Membership promotion today.

The free 60-day membership offer expires on July 14, 2013.

How To Get BJ’s Free Membership

1. Complete the registration form and click the Submit button.

2. Check and print your email from BJ’s.

3. Take the email to the Member Services Desk at any BJ’s Club.

You’ll receive a free 60-day trial membership without any restrictions.

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Take advantage of this free trial membership to shop at BJ’s clubs with no fees.

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