Buxr Social Bargain Hunting Network – Save and Earn Money by Sharing Coupons

The Buxr social bargain hunting network allows you to save money with free promotional codes, printable coupons, and discount shopping links, plus you can earn extra cash by sharing coupons through the Buxr.com shopping discount network.

Buxr is a social network where community members gather to share hot shopping deals and find discount codes from a wide variety of brand-name stores and service providers.

All of the promotional deals and coupon codes are shared and rated by Buxr users, so the shopping discount codes are always valid and up to date.

Buxr members can earn money by sharing new discount coupons, and active Buxr members can be rewarded with extra cash on a daily and monthly basis.

Webmasters and bloggers can also earn commissions for promoting Buxr bargains by placing the Buxr Widget on your website.

It’s absolutely free to join Buxr.com to share hot deals, join discussions, and earn cash prizes, so sign up for the Buxr social shopping discount network today.

Using Buxr to Find Coupon Codes

You don’t have to become a Buxr member to access coupon codes and promotional discounts.

Anyone can visit Buxr.com and obtain promo codes, printable coupons, or special promotional links for free with no registration required.

Simply peruse the latest hot deals and popular coupons to find special savings at stores you love, and then simply copy the promo code, print the coupon, or click on the discount link to get access to the special savings.

Sharing Deals and Discounts on Buxr

Buxr members can share deals and discounts on Buxr.com for the opportunity to win daily and monthly cash prizes.

In order to share deals and participate in the Buxr community, you must register for a free Buxr account, which only takes a few minutes.

You can then submit deals on Buxr for a chance to win daily and monthly contests.

Buxr members earn points by submitting new deals, posting quality comments, joining discussions, and voting on deals.

The contest winners are based on this point system, and participating members can receive cash prizes on a daily and monthly basis.

Buxr Refer A Friend Contest

Buxr offers a monthly Refer A Friend Contest that allows you to earn cash prizes for referring new members to Buxr.

Simply register for a free Buxr account, and then visit the Buxr affiliate section in order to obtain referral links and referral banners, which you can place on your blog or social network pages.

Buxr Widget for Bloggers and Webmasters

The Buxr Widget tool allows bloggers and webmasters to earn a commission when your visitors shop through the Buxr Widget that can be placed on your website.

You can set up the Buxr Widget on your website or blog, and you will then earn a commission when a visitor buys a product via a link on the Buxr Widget.

The Buxr Widget is a great tool for financial bloggers and discount websites, as it offers readers access to exclusive coupons and shopping discounts directly from your website.

Sign Up for a Free Buxr Account today to find great shopping discounts and exclusive savings, win cash prizes for sharing deals and participating in the Buxr bargain hunters network, and earn commissions for promoting Buxr deals.

Take advantage of the Buxr social bargain hunting network to find incredible deals and share special promotions with like-minded deal hunters.


  1. Sarah says

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have been using deal shopping sites like shopzilla and now my latest pick, onewayshopping.com, to hunt for deals. Buxr looks like an additional site to consider.

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